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Stewart Rounds

Stewart Rounds is a Scientist Emeritus at the USGS Oregon Water Science Center.



Dr. Rounds joined the U.S. Geological Survey in 1992 and worked on a wide variety of studies, with a focus on water-quality monitoring and modeling of rivers and lakes around Oregon.  In 2020, Stewart retired and continues to volunteer with USGS as a Scientist Emeritus.

Dr. Rounds' research interests focus on the water-quality modeling of river and lake systems, with particular emphasis on temperature, nutrients, dissolved oxygen, and algae. Ongoing studies focus on producing a better understanding of heat fluxes and heat transport in the Willamette and Kootenai River systems. Most of his work focuses on developing a better understanding of the characteristics and water-quality dynamics of a system so that it can be more effectively managed. He is also the author of the Alkalinity Calculator, a tool that analyzes alkalinity titrations, and the Data Grapher, a set of tools to make custom graphs and tables from USGS continuous water-quality monitoring data.