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Vic Engel, Ph.D.


Victor Engel, is the Director of the USGS South Atlantic Water Science Center, and he is based in Norcross, GA.  His professional career over the last two decades lies at the intersection of ecosystem and water resource management, spanning locations across the U.S., Central and South America. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Miami and the University of Florida and is an author on 50+ peer-reviewed publications.


Ph.D. Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University, New York, NY 2002
M.S. Systems Ecology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 1995
B.A. Environmental Studies, New College of Sarasota, FL 1991


National Hydropower and Instream Flow Program Manager (GS-14) 2017-20
USDA Forest Service, Fort Collins, CO

Acting Deputy Associate Director (GS-15) 2016
USGS Ecosystems, Reston, VA, Detail assignment

Wildlife-Energy Program Specialist (GS-14) 2015
USGS Ecosystems, Reston, VA, Detail assignment

Supervisory Hydrologist (GS-14) 2012-16
USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center, Gainesville, FL

Research Hydrologist (GS-13) 2003-12
Everglades National Park (ENP) Homestead, FL

Post-doctoral Research Associate 2002-03
Duke University, Durham, NC

Select Publications

Mirchi, A, Watkins, DW, Engel, V, et al., 2018. A hydro-economic model of South Florida water resources system, Sci. Total Environ. 628–629:1531-1541

Ho, D.T, Ferrón, S, Engel, V, et al., 2017. Dissolved carbon biogeochemistry and export in mangrove-dominated rivers of the Florida Everglades, Biogeosciences 14(9), 2543-2559

Karamperidou, C, Engel, V, et al., 2013. Implications of multi-scale sea level and climate variability for coastal resources: a case study for south Florida and Everglades National Park, USA. Reg. Environ. Change, doi: 1-.1007/s10113-013-0408-8

Barr, JG, Engel, V, et al., 2012. Hurricane disturbance and recovery of energy balance, CO2 fluxes and canopy structure in a mangrove forest of the Florida Everglades. Agric. For. Meteor., 153: 54-66.

Kwon, HH, Lall, U, and Engel, V. 2011. Predicting foraging wading bird populations in Everglades National Park from seasonal hydrologic statistics under different management scenarios, Water Resour. Res., 47, doi:10.1029/2010WR009552.

D’Odorico, P, Engel, V, et al., 2011. Tree-grass coexistence in the Everglades freshwater system. Ecosystems 14, doi: 10.1007/s10021-011-9412-3

Ho, DT, Engel, V, et al., 2009. Tracer studies of sheetflow in the Everglades. Geophys. Res. Lett. doi:10.1029/2009GL037355

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