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Build a Report

The Build a Report panel in StreamStats offers the users various options to display in a report summarizing StreamStats results.

Build A Report sub-panel in the sidebar panel of the StreamStats interface

After clicking on Continue on the Select Scenarios panel, the banner for that panel will turn gray and the banner for the Build A Report will turn dark blue. The Build A Report panel, like other panels, will have a gray message box at the top, which indicates that you can modify the basin characteristics that were computed by StreamStats before building a report. The panel includes the Show Basin Characteristics button, check boxes that allow selecting whether the report should contain just a basin characteristics report, just a 18 scenario flow report, or both, and the Continue button. After making your selections, click on Continue to generate a report in a pop-up window that contains your desired information.

The Show Basin Characteristics button within the panel has a down arrowhead on the left. Clicking on the arrowhead will reveal a list of the basin characteristics needed to solve the regression equations for the scenarios that were selected and their computed values. The computed values may be changed before building a report. This functionality is useful for understanding how estimates of streamflow statistics will change in response to real or hypothesized changes in the basin characteristics. Changing the basin characteristics also can be used to assist in estimating flow statistics when a delineated basin has drainage area in more than one state, as described in the Estimates for Sites with Basins in Multiple States section.