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Select Scenarios

The Select Scenarios panel in the StreamStats interface offers users multiple regressions-based scenarios and basin characteristic options. Options vary by state/region.

Select Scenarios sub-panel of the sidebar panel in the StreamStats interface

After clicking on the Continue button in the Identify a Study Area panel, its banner will go gray, and the Select Scenarios banner will become dark blue. In the panel under it will be a gray message box, followed by panels for regression-based scenarios and basin characteristics. The regression-based scenarios panel provides buttons labeled with the types of streamflow statistics for which regression equations are available to estimate the statistics for the delineated basin. The basin characteristics panel has an arrow button in the top right corner. Clicking on the arrow button will reveal a list of basin characteristics that can be computed with check boxes to allow selecting which ones you want computed. Select the scenarios and basin characteristics of interest to you. The scenarios and the basin characteristics that are available vary widely among the states, and sometimes among regions within the states. Refer to the introductory page for the state in which your selected site is located and use the links provided to view the reports that are cited on that page for more information.

Users may now select one, more, or all of available scenarios by clicking on the buttons in the regression-based scenarios panel. Selecting a scenario causes the button to change from white to blue. Users may also expand the basin characteristics panel and select all or individual basin characteristics to be computed. Users may choose to get only regression-based scenarios or only basin characteristics, or both. After the selections have been made, click on the green Continue button below the basin characteristics panel to proceed.