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344.16 - Employee and Non-Employee Clearance Procedures


Date: 1/4/2010 

OPR: Office of Administrative Policy and Services, Office of Accounting and Financial Management  

Instruction: This updates the June 20, 2001, issuance of this chapter and includes procedures for creating, revising, and canceling Form 9-090, Employee Clearance Form.


1.  Purpose.  This chapter implements the procedures for clearing U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) employees and non-employees, e.g., contractors, volunteers, emeritus, etc., upon separation from employment or affiliation with the USGS and provides instructions for completing and processing the automated Form 9-090, Employee Clearance Form.

2.  Policy.  It is USGS policy that upon termination of employment or affiliation with the USGS, individuals with access to USGS facilities, equipment, systems (this includes computer access user accounts), etc., must turn in all Government personal property and other "official" items for which they are responsible, such as Government charge card, office keys, Government ID, Government-issued passport, parking pass, etc., and must liquidate all outstanding debts owed to the Federal Government and to the Government charge card contractor.  All computer access must be removed from all Department of the Interior (DOI) (unless transferring to another Bureau or Office within DOI) and USGS internal systems. 

Individuals or their supervisors are required to initiate the Form 9-090 no later than 2 weeks prior to separation from the USGS.  This allows adequate time to identify any property not returned and debts owed.  A debt involving a payroll/personnel issue can still be identified after the individual leaves.  The USGS will initiate action in accordance with the Travel and Transportation Reform Act (TTRA) and DOI policies to offset debts owed to the charge card contractor by the employee.

3.  Authority.  Requirements for clearance of all Government property in the custody of an individual upon their separation or transfer are contained in Interior Property Management Directive Subpart 114-60.206--Property Clearance.  Authority for collecting debts owed to the Government is provided for in PL 104-134, Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996, and the TTRA.  Authority for removing computer access is provided in the DOI IT Security Policy Handbook, Access Control Family.

4.  USGS Form 9-090, Employee Clearance Form.  Form 9-090 is an automated, Web-based form created to expedite the process of clearing individuals separating from the USGS.   It is used to record clearance of all debts and accountability for Government property.

5.  Responsibilities.

A.  Individual or Initiator (Employee or Non-employee).  It is the responsibility of the individual to initiate and complete Part A of Form 9-090 immediately upon intent to separate from the USGS.  The individual must:

(1)  Ensure appropriate documentation is prepared to clear any property for which they are responsible.

(2)  Repay or clear any indebtedness prior to termination, including all outstanding travel advances, payroll debts, library loans, etc.

(3)  Turn in all other items such as office keys, passports, Government ID (unless transferring to another Bureau or Office within DOI), Government charge card, parking pass, etc.

(4)  Cancel enrollment in the Transportation Subsidy Program, if applicable.

(5)  Liquidate any balance on their Government charge card.

B.  Supervisor (Manager, Administrative Officer [AO], Volunteer Coordinator, or Contracting Officer’s Representative [COR]).  It is the responsibility of the supervisor to complete Part B of Form 9-090 prior to the individual's separation date.  The Supervisor must:

(1)  Ensure that the individual’s Form 9-090 has been initiated upon notification of their intent to separate from the USGS.  The supervisor may initiate the Form 9-090 in the individual’s absence or on their behalf.

(2)  Ensure that an SF-52, Request for Personnel Action, has been initiated and that all other applicable items in Part B of the Form 9-090 have been initiated and/or completed.

(3)  Collect credentials and access card, which are to be sent to the appropriate regional or headquarters security office.  If an individual is transferring to another bureau or office within DOI, they should retain any DOI-Access card that has been issued to them.  The gaining bureau or office will change any necessary information (email address, Federal Emergency Management Official designation, etc.) to reflect the new bureau or office.

(4)  Verify the individual’s balance on their Government charge card account to ensure that the balance of the individual’s account, upon separation, is entered in the appropriate field on the Form 9-090.

(5)  Electronically sign the Form 9-090 when completed.

C.  Administrative Groups.  The groups listed below are identified on the Form 9-090 as being responsible for clearing individuals through their respective areas and electronically signing the form before the separation date, if possible.  These administrative groups are required to electronically sign the form once they ensure and verify that the individual’s access to DOI and USGS systems has been terminated, property returned, or a debt is owed and initiating action when items are not cleared.

(1)  Office of Accounting and Financial Management, Receivables Management Section (OAFM/RMS)

(2)  Records Management.

(3)  USGS Library.

(4)  Property Management Branch (PMB).

(5)  Office of Acquisition and Grants (OAG).

(6)  Budget and Science Information System Plus (BASIS+).

(7)  Federal Financial System (FFS). (Note: Effective with FY 2011, FFS will be replaced by the Financial and Business Management System [FBMS].)

(8)  Federal Personnel Payroll System (FPPS).

(9)  Interior Department Electronic Acquisition System (IDEAS).  (Note: Effective with FY 2011, IDEAS will be replaced by the Financial and Business Management System [FBMS].)

(10)  Bureau Support Unit (BSU – Official Passports).

D.  Notification Groups.  The following are additional groups that receive notification of the departing individual but are not required to electronically sign the Form 9-090:

(1)  Human Resources (HR).

(2)  Calling Cards.

(3)  GS Lotus Registration.

(4)  NBC Computer Systems (QuickTime, GovTrip, etc.).

(5)  Regional Discipline Information Technology.

(6)  Security (Facilities/Physical).

(7)  Training.

(8)  Mainframe.

(9)  Network group.

(10)  Office of Internal Control and Reporting.

(11)  DOI Learn Coordinator.

(12)  Transportation Subsidy Program.

(13)  USGS IT Service Desk.

(14)  Active Directory (AD) Team.

6.  Instructions for Completing the Form 9-090.  The automated Form 9-090 is divided into areas of administrative responsibility, with approval required by each area.  When the individual electronically "signs" the form, the form is simultaneously forwarded via e-mail to the supervisor and each administrative and notification group to be processed and/or approved by a member of that particular group.  Those groups that are required to electronically sign the form must do so by the separation date.  If a group is unable to clear the form by the separation date, state the reason(s) in the respective “comment” field.

A.  Part A.  To be initiated, completed, and electronically signed by the individual or by their supervisor/AO/COR (or equivalent) in place of the individual.

(1)  To access the Form 9-090, go to the following Web site

(2)  At the Login screen, type in your Lotus ID and password when asked and click “Login.”

(3)  At the USGS Business Applications Web site, click “Go to Forms.”

(4)  On the USGS Business Process, click “Create” on the Form 9-090 Employee Clearance Report line.

(5)  On the Form 9-090, click the “Select Separating Employee” button.

(6)  After entering the individual’s name (or the first letter of the individual's last name) in the “Last name starts with” field, click the “Find” button and click on the name of the separating individual from the drop-down list of names.

(a)  Click the “Assign Name” button to initiate the Form 9-090 for that employee.  Some of the fields will be automatically populated with the employee’s information contained in the USGS (NAB) Name and address file.  The “Separation Reason” field is to be filled in via the drop-down screen.

(b)  The “Supervisor Name” and “Separation Date” are assigned by clicking the “Select Supervisor” and “Separation Date” buttons and selecting the appropriate information, similar to procedures for selecting the separating individual's name.

(c)  Select the “Separation Reason” and “Employment Status” by using the dropdown boxed provided.

(d)  The individual's forwarding e-mail and mailing address must be manually entered in the specified format.

(7)  When the information is complete, the Initiator will click on the “Submit” button, and, if there are no errors, a Form 9-090 is initiated.  If an error is detected, an error message will be displayed.  Upon correcting the error(s), click on the “Submit” button and the form will be initiated.  The form is sent via e-mail to the supervisor/AO/COR (or equivalent) selected in Part A and to all administrative clearing groups simultaneously.

B.  Part B.  The supervisor and the administrative and notification groups will receive an e-mail notification that a Form 9-090 has been initiated and indicating the location to access the form.  The supervisor and the administrative groups will complete the form as follows:

(1)  Click on the Web site location indicated in the e-mail notification.

(2)  The Supervisor will “check” the items as indicated in Part B, and include the amount of the employee's charge card balance in the “Charge Card Balance” field, if applicable.

(a)  The Administrative groups will “check” the items in their respective sections and perform any necessary steps that are needed to clear the individual. 

(3)  If the individual has turned in all appropriate items as indicated in the respective part of the form, the Supervisor and Administrative groups will electronically sign the Form 9-090 by clicking on the appropriate “Sign Off” button.

(4)  If all required fields are not “checked,” an electronic signature will not be allowed. The Supervisor or the Administrative groups should indicate in the respective "Comment" box any problems with clearing the Form 9-090.

C.  Part C - OAFM Final Approval.  If a debt is indicated on the Form 9-090, and all other sections have been completed, it is then routed to OAFM/RMS for electronic signature. 

(a)  If all groups have completed the Form 9-090 and there is no debt indicated, the form will be directly routed to the Form 9-090 historical file.

(b)  If the Supervisor or Administrative groups identify a debt, they should contact the OAFM/RMS to determine the proper collection method.

7.  Federal Personnel Payroll System (FPPS) Generated Form 9-090.  A computer-generated Form 9-090 is initiated when the FPPS combined file is matched with the current and historical Form 9-090 database to see if an Employee Clearance Form has been established for a departing individual.  This automated process occurs bi-weekly. 

(a)  Because the FPPS combined file does not indicate an employee’s supervisor, an automated e-mail is sent to the HR office designated groups, by region, requesting them to research and input the employee’s supervisor into the FPPS-generated form. 

8.  Form 9-090 Database Maintenance.  Maintenance on the Form 9-090 database is performed weekly by OAFM/RMS.  Radio buttons have been established for each group that is involved in the employee clearance process.  If the required clearance sign-off action has not been performed by a particular individual or group, RMS will access the individual Form 9-090 and click on that individual/group button.  This action will generate a reminder e-mail to the designated individual/group to inform them that the required sign-off action has not been performed.  The Form 9-090 will remain in the current database until all required clearances have been completed and signed, but not later than 90 days from the date it was initiated.  After “sign-off” or 90 days, the form is automatically moved to the historical file. 

9.  Final Disposition of Form 9-090.  Once completed and cleared by all groups, the

Form 9-090 record is maintained in an electronic “historical” file.  

10.  Canceling a Form 9-090.  If a determination has been made that a Form 9-090 should be canceled, please contact GS ARB 9090@USGS stating the reason for the cancelation.

Questions pertaining to this chapter or Form 9-090 procedures should be directed to the GS ARB 9090@USGS.


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