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Personnel Management - Appendix C

Appendix C 
Part 205, Chapter 1

Generic Delegation Levels Established to Facilitate 
Common Business Practices in Personnel Delegations

  1. First line supervisor or other designated official.*
  2. One level above immediate supervisor.
  3. Office Chiefs reporting to the Director/Deputy Director (D/DD) and managers and supervisors who report directly to a Senior Executive Service manager (SESer) or Office of Regional Services (ORS) Chief.  For example:
  • Chief, Office of Budget and Organization Analysis
  • Chief, Office of Strategic Planning and Analysis
  • Chief, Office of Communications
  • Chief, Office of Administrative Policy and Services (APS)
  • Chief, Office of Human Resources (vacant)
  • Geographic Information Officer (GIO)
  • Associate Directors (ADs)
  • Regional Directors (RDs)
  • Chief Scientists
  • Regional Executives
  • Program Managers
  • APS Office Chiefs
  • Managers and supervisors who report to the GIO
  • Center Directors and Team and District Chiefs
  • Regional Branch Chiefs

            4. Office Chiefs reporting to the D/DD and managers and supervisors who report directly to an AD, RD, the GIO or APS Chief.

           -Same as number 3, except that Program Managers, Center Directors and Team and District Chiefs, and Regional Branch Chiefs are not included in this delegation level. 

            5. Heads of field offices (as defined in 101 DM 2).

*Other designated officials should be used only in rare and unusual circumstances.  For example, when an employee is located in a remote/isolated area away from any supervisor in the chain of command; or when an individual is designated as the lead on a special assignment, but is not officially classified as the first line supervisor.  Any such delegation should be in writing.