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U.S. Landslide Inventory

September 16, 2019
US map on black background with colored dots
Screenshot of the ArcGIS interface for the National Landslides Map and Data.

Landslides are damaging and deadly, and they occur in every U.S. state. However, our current ability to understand landslide hazards at the national scale is limited, in part because spatial data on landslide occurrence across the U.S. varies greatly in quality, accessibility, and extent. Landslide inventories are typically collected and maintained by different agencies and institutions, usually within specific jurisdictional boundaries, and often with varied objectives and information attributes or even in disparate formats. The purpose of this data release is to provide an openly accessible, centralized map of existing information on landslide occurrence across the entire U.S. The data release includes digital inventories created by both USGS and non-USGS authors. It provides an integrated database of all the landslides with a selection of uniform attributes, but also includes links to the original digital inventory files (whenever available). Given the wide range of landslide information sources in this data compilation, we also provide an attribute to assess the relative confidence in the characterization of the location and extent of each landslide. Further details about each landslide and more recent information (when it exists) can be accessed by clicking the “more information” attribute link to the original source information. This database will be updated intermittently and was most recently updated in March 2019. Please contact for more information on how to contribute additional inventories to this community effort.