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Date published: May 13, 2004

Volcano Watch — Lights! Camera! Disaster!: Mixing fact and fantasy in the movies

Colossal natural disasters have been fodder for Hollywood movies long enough that we can recognize the basic recipe. A pinch of fact, a fistful of myth and exaggeration, and a large dose of spectacular special effects add up to an entertaining, but often preposterous disaster movie.

Date published: May 6, 2004

Volcano Watch — You can't tell a book by its cover: interior improvements at HVO

Much of the work done by the HVO staff depends on field activities. Either scientists and technicians visit field sites to make observations and measurements, or they establish monitoring instruments that send data back to the observatory by radio or other means.

Date published: May 1, 2004

Photo and Video Chronology - Kīlauea - May 1, 2004

Banana flow slips down Pulama pali