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3D Nation Elevation Requirements and Benefits Study

The 3D Nation Elevation Requirements and Benefits Study led by NOAA and USGS, aims to understand the nationwide requirements and benefits of 3D elevation data both on land and underwater. The study was published in September 2022. 

The goals of the Study are to: 

  • refresh the National Enhanced Elevation Assessment to plan for the next generation of 3DEP after nationwide baseline coverage has been completed;  

  • understand the requirements and benefits of inland, nearshore, and offshore bathymetric data;  

  • understand how those requirements and benefits dovetail in the coastal zone.  

Stakeholders for this study include Federal, State, local, Tribal, non-profit, academia, and private organizations and agencies. 

The final results include an overview of the study participants, identified mission critical activities and business uses supported by elevation data, data requirements for the different geographic areas of interest in an integrated national elevation dataset, and the future annual benefits that would be realized for various scenarios if national programs could meet some or all of the stated requirements for elevation data. 

The USGS and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) co-led the 3D Nation Study under a contract with Dewberry (a consulting firm based in Fairfax, VA).