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The 3D Elevation team provides management and technical expertise. Connect with us below.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
3DEP Data Acquisition Specialist Michelle Funk 703-648-6568
Elevation Data Acquisition Lead Brian C Hadley, Ph.D. 303-202-4529
Data Analytics Specialist Robert D Haselwander, PhD 573-308-3863
3DEP Project and Data Analytics Manager Allyson Jason 703-648-4572
Geographer Alexander B Jonesi 703-716-3157
Chief, Topographic Data Services Vicki Lukas 703-268-3770
Elevation and Science Applications Lead Jason M Stoker, Ph.D. 970-226-9227
Elevation Management and Planning Lead Cindy Thatcher 703-648-5122
Topographic Data Services Project Manager | Geographer Diana R Thunen 303-202-4279