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Web Tools

Web tools offers access to 3D Elevation Program interactive product availability status maps and data applications. 


3DEP 1-meter DEM Availability Application

A dynamic map showing 3DEP 1-meter DEM availability for the United States and its Territories. This map is created using services from The National Map.

3DEP Lidar Availability Application

An interactive map showing 3DEP lidar availability by quality level. (Elevation source data index - Lidar, Ifsar, DEM availability)


Download Data & Maps from The National Map

This is the primary search and download application for USGS topographic maps and base-layer GIS data. The same topographic maps are also downloadable through other interfaces.

The National Map Viewer

The National Geospatial Program satisfies the needs of customers by providing geospatial products and services that customers incorporate into their decisionmaking and operational activities.

Communicating Coastal Vulnerability via Landscape Visualization

Story map describing the process for leveraging LIDAR, building footprints, and sea level rise data to investigate coastal vulnerability.

The 3D Elevation Program: Understanding Natural Hazards in Three Dimensions


This story map provides an overview of the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) and highlights how lidar data support hazards applications for volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes, flooding, drought and wildfires. An assessment of 3DEP data coverage as of December 2018 for high-risk areas of landslides, fires and hurricanes is presented.