Survey Manual

Chapters 200.000 - 299.99


Table of Contents

Delegation of             Delegation Policy
Authority Series

200.1                      Delegations

200.2                      Redelegations

                                   General Redelegations

205.1                      Personnel Management

205.2                      Travel Delegations

205.3                      Personal Property Management

205.4                      Acquisition and Financial Assistance

205.9                      Authority to Approve Request to Testify, and Release of Official Personnel Folders

205.10                    Financial Administration Delegations

205.11                    General Redelegations - Administrative Series

                                   Special Redelegations

205.12                    Real Property Management (incorporates SM 220.5 Acceptance of Conveyance)

205.13                    Delegations of Authority to Enter into Agreements and to Accept Contributions

205.15                    Disaster Assistance

205.16                    Equal Employment Opportunity Officer

205.17                    Federal Advisory Committee Management

205.18                    Authority to Approve Information Products

220.5                      Acceptance of Conveyance (incorporated into SM Real Property Management 205.12)

220.7                      Federal Register Documents