Survey Manual

Chapters 370.500 - 370.599


Table of Contents

Administrative Series-     Position Classification, Pay, and Allowances


370.531.1               Setting Salary Rates--General Schedule Employees

370.534.1               Setting Salaries--FC Schedule Employees

370.536.1               Repromotion Consideration Program

370.550.1               Overtime

370.550.2               Night Work

370.550.3               Allotments and Assignments of Pay--General

370.550.4               Allotments and Assignments of Pay - Voluntary Allotment for Payment of Dues

370.550.5               Dual Federal Employment

370.550.8               Premium Pay for Sunday Work

370.550.9               Hazard Pay Differential

370.550.10             Environmental Differential

370.550.12             Allotments and Assignments of Pay - Direct Deposit of Allotments to Financial Institutions Agreement

370.572.1              Travel Expenses: Pre-employment Interviews

370.572.2              Travel and Transportation Expenses: New Appointees

370.591.1              Nonforeign Differentials and Allowances

370.592.1              Foreign Differentials and Allowances

370.593.1              Nevada Test Site Location Allowance