Land Treatment Exploration Tool Website Improvements and New Features

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The Land Treatment Exploration Tool website was recently updated to include many improvements and new features.

The main new feature is the Seasonal Drought Forecast Tool. The new Drought Tool forecasts seasonal weather and soil water availability for the upcoming year to help plan treatments. Also included are predicted establishment metrics for sagebrush seedlings.

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Date published: May 10, 2018
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Land Treatment Exploration Tool

The Land Treatment Exploration Tool provides a practical resource for managers who are planning restoration and rehabilitation actions on public lands. The tool generates a variety of spatial products while being user friendly for all levels of GIS expertise, even to those with little or no experience.

Date published: September 20, 2017
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Land Treatment Digital Library

The LTDL was created by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to catalog information about land treatments on Federal lands in the western United States for all interested parties. The flexible framework of the library allows for the storage of a wide variety of data in different formats. The LTDL currently stores previously established land treatments or what often are called legacy data. The...

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Date published: November 20, 2020

USGS Land Treatment Digital Library Data Release: A centralized archive for land treatment tabular and spatial data (ver. 3.0, November 2020), Treatment Frequency Rasters

Across the country, public land managers make hundreds of decisions each year that influence landscapes and ecosystems within the lands they manage. Many of these decisions involve vegetation manipulations known as land treatments. Land treatments include activities such as removal or alteration of plant biomass, seeding burned areas, and herbicide applications. Data on these land treatment...

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Date published: April 30, 2020

Burned Area Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation Facilitated by Land Treatment Exploration Tool

The Bureau of Land Management is partnering with U.S. Geological to provide improved decision support to Burned Area Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation (ESR) planning efforts. 

Date published: October 13, 2018

USGS Land Treatment Tools Win Best Analysis Award

The Land Treatment Digital Library (LTDL) and Land Treatment Exploration Tool won the Best Analysis award at the NW GIS User Group Conference in Boise, ID on October 13, 2018.

Date published: August 10, 2018

Land Treatment Exploration Tool Fact Sheet

Land restoration and rehabilitation efforts usually involve soil and vegetation manipulations, which influence landscapes and ecosystems. These manipulations, or treatments, historically have been planned on a case-by-case basis with decisions made from personal experience of past successes or failures.