Chesapeake Bay Activities

Collaborate and Inform

Conducting integrated science and summarizing complex information is critical for meaningful interaction between scientists and decision makers. The related USGS science topics include working with partners and science activities. Collaboration involves coordination of science activities among multiple partners and interacting with stakeholders to make science-based decisions.

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Date published: June 10, 2020
Status: Completed

USGS provides plenary and other talks at the Chesapeake Research Symposium

The Chesapeake Community Research Symposium is held every two years with a goal to “By bringing together managers, scientists, and stakeholders for a series of plenary talks, panel discussions, and special sessions, the 2020 Chesapeake Community Research Symposium will highlight recent progress, challenges and prospects for research, monitoring and modeling efforts that are used to guide...

Date published: March 10, 2020
Status: Completed

USGS Chesapeake Bay Highlights for 2019


Date published: September 13, 2019
Status: Active

Tripod-palooza—USGS Collaborates with Federal, State, and Academic Partners to Support Coastal Resiliency in the Wider Chesapeake Bay Area

In the Chesapeake Bay area, the Virginia and West Virginia Water Science Center is partnering with over a dozen organizations in a pilot project this fall, resulting in the establishment of a baseline reference for an ongoing effort in monitoring coastal subsidence.  

Contacts: Kurt McCoy
Date published: April 10, 2019
Status: Active

USGS contributes to Bay Barometer, the Annual Report on Chesapeake Bay Progress

The Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) produces the Bay Barometer, an annual report on progress made toward the goals of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement. The goals were established to improve habitat and water-quality conditions for fish and wildlife and to increase access for people. The goals have 31 outcomes, most with a target date of 2025.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and...

Contacts: Scott Phillips, Rachel Felver
Date published: July 2, 2018
Status: Active

USGS Chesapeake Bay Activities Sponsored Projects

USGS Chesapeake Bay Activities interact with multiple USGS centers and programs.

Date published: June 22, 2018
Status: Completed

1940-1999 USGS Chesapeake Bay Activities Bibliography

The USGS has published reports and journal articles on a large number of topics related to the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. This information is used to make science-based decisions on the Bay's ecosystem conservation and restoration. Below is a list of publications from 1940 through 1999. (Note: Use your browser's Find feature to search this page.)

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Date published: May 3, 2018
Status: Completed

Chesapeake Bay Activities Partners

The USGS collaborates with Federal, State, and local governments; non-governmental agencies; and academic partners. Listed below are some of our primary partners.

Date published: May 2, 2018
Status: Active

Chesapeake Bay Activities Data Resources

This data page contains USGS information for key national data sets and more specific information for the Chesapeake Bay watershed.