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The USGS Native Bee Laboratory maintains a database of all their collection activity along with those of a series of collaborators.Data are public domain and available from several sources.

Data are collected under a diversity of sampling situations, using nets and quite a variety of trap types. Under most circumstances all bees captured (including Apis mellifera and introduced species) are identified and databased and the effort used in that collection documented (number of traps/hours traps collected, hours spent netting).This file structure file documents the fields in the database.The data are available for download at BISON and GBIF.The most recent data are available from Sam Droege.

The most recent data are also available for viewing using the Discoverlife Global Mapper. You can limit the Global Mapper to show only our data by putting into the “limit data” box “USGS_DRO”.In the taxa box you can put in several species or show all the species for a genus by adding a “_” after the genus name (e.g., Coelioxys_).

The database has enough data for the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States that phenological charts for genera and species.