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The North American Breeding Bird Survey, Analysis Results 1966 - 2021

This data product consists of a database of population change and abundance estimates for North American birds, estimated from North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) data. Data are presented for 548 species of birds in 4 spreadsheets containing trend estimates and annual indices for 2 time periods. Estimates are derived for each species using the 1 of 4 alternative models, and a cross-validatio

Predicted H5 and H7 subtype Avian Influenza Prevalence for Wild Waterfowl Species Across the Continental United States

This data release provides the predicted proportion of influenza-positive birds testing positive for H5 and H7 subtypes of IAV for each species at monthly intervals for each county centroid in the continental United States. This data supports a paired USGS publication.

Phenology effects in the North American Breeding Bird Survey

This data product provides summary information, by species, of changes in relative visibility of birds (phenology effects) through the April - July time period in which the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) is conducted. Data are presented for 408 species of birds. Seasonal phenology effects are presented for selected latitudes and years, documenting changes in visibility and a variety of

Fish species abundance data for selected streams of the Potomac River basin

This Data Release contains data on fish species abundance for selected streams of the Potomac River basin in eastern North America. This dataset supports analysis of karst streams in the Chesapeake Bay headwaters region and was funded by USGS Chesapeake Bay studies.

Stream temperature observations during summer 2021 for sites in the Antietam Creek watershed, Maryland

This Data Release contains stream temperature observations for 28 sites in the Antietam Creek Watershed (Maryland) during summer 2021. Data were collected using Onset ProV2 temperature gages within perforated PVC cases attached to stream substrates with rebar. Temperature gages were deployed and retrieved by volunteers with the Antietam-Conococheague Watershed Alliance. Temperature records are pro

Data regarding the efficacy of management practices for controlling gull use of Common Tern nesting colonies

These data, which support a paired USGS publication, describe the efficacy of several management practices for reducing the presence of herring gulls in the nesting colonies of Common Terns. This data was collected on Poplar Island, located in the Chesapeake Bay portion of Maryland.

Water Chemistry and Smallmouth Bass Biological Data From the Potomac River, Dargan, Maryland, 2013-2019

Decades of poor reproductive success and young-of-the-year recruitment, in addition to adult mortality, has led to a decline in the smallmouth bass (SMB) population in subwatersheds of the Potomac River. Previous studies have identified numerous biologic and environmental stressors associated with negative effects on SMB health. To better understand the impact of these stressors, the current study

North American Bird Banding Program Dataset 1960-2022 retrieved 2022-07-14

The North American Bird Banding Program is directed in the United States by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL), Eastern Ecological Science Center at the Patuxent Research Refuge (EESC) and in Canada by the Bird Banding Office (BBO), Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). The respective banding offices have similar functions and policies and use the same bands, r

Data describing the effects of elastic leg-loop harnesses on adult and juvenile Common Terns

These data describe the affects of elastic leg-loop harnesses on the reproductive success and behavior of adult Common Terns and the growth and behavior of juvenile Common Terns. These data support a USGS authored manuscript.

Data describing infection status and movement ecology of North American waterfowl

These data, which support a USGS authored manuscript, describe how active and previous previous infection with avian influenza impacts the movement ecology of several wild waterfowl species that overwinter in California. Results varied by species and demonstrate that the relationships between avian influenza infection and wild bird movements are context- and species-dependent.

Surface water estimates for a complex study site derived from traditional and emerging methods

These data describe the area of different habitat covered in water as determined via three approaches: manual surveys, digitized aerial imagery, and categorization of the newly available dynamic surface water extent dataset derived from satellite imagery. These data support a scientific publication.

West Brook Trout Data, Whatley, Massachusetts.

The Ecology Section at the USGS Conte Laboratory has studied fish in the West Brook since 1997. The goal is to understand the strength and direction of drivers on fish growth, movement, reproduction and survival in the wild. We hope to provide a comprehensive understanding of fish population dynamics and ultimately individual fitness (natural selection and evolution) in the study area.