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Eastern Ecological Science Center's Employee Directory.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Secretary Linda Adams 304-724-4460
Contractor Mary Anderson -- --
Contractor Andrew Ankers -- --
Research Ecologist Jamie Ashander, PhD
Biologist Benjamin Augustine, PhD
Research Fisheries Biologist Aaron Aunins, Ph.D. 304-724-4480
Maintenance Mechanic Brian Baker
Contractor Shannon Bayse -- --
IT Specialist Joshua Beaton 301-497-5522
Data Management Specialist Shannon Beliew 301-497-5506
Laborer Michael Benner
Biologist Richard Berl, PhD
Research Wildlife Biologist Alicia Berlin, Ph.D. 301-497-5730
Research Fishery Biologist Vicki S. Blazer 304-724-4434
Administrative Operations Assistant Amanda Bodencak 304-724-4417
Administrative Specialist Lisa Bragg 301-497-5718
Wildlife Biologist Adrianne Brand 413-863-2462
IT Specialist Edward Burton 301-497-5532
Contractor Theodore Burton -- --
Biological Science Tech Cassia Busch
IT Specialist Jang Byun 301-497-5593
Emeritus Scientist Donald Cahoon, Ph.D. 301-497-5523
Biological Science Technician Carlyn Caldwell 301-497-5604
Administrative Operations Assistant Karen Carbone 413-863-3800
Research Ecologist Joel Carr, Ph.D. 443-695-0093
Research Ecologist Theodore R Castro-Santos 413-863-3838
BBL Chief Antonio Celis-Murillo, Ph.D. 301-497-5808
Research Zoologist Terry Chesser, Ph.D. 301-497-5742
Administrative Operations Assistant Barbara Clauss 301-497-5719
Computer Assistant Thomas Collins 301-497-5623
Biologist Jonathan Cook, PhD
Wildlife Biologist Daniel Day 301-497-5708
Wildlife Data Assistant Rose DeComo 301-497-5944
Veterinary Medical Officer Christine Densmore 304-724-4437
Supervisory Facility Operations Specialist Roy Dodson, Jr. 304-724-4457
Biological Science Technician Robert Doyle 301-497-5702
Wildlife Biologist Sam Droege 301-497-5840
Research Wildlife Biologist Serguei Drovestski, Ph.D. 301-497-5899
Ecologist Todd Dubreuil 413-863-3869
Biologist Christine Dumoulin, PhD
Biologist Kylee Dunham, PhD
Contractor Brian Durkin -- --
Biological Science Technician Michael Eackles 304-724-4570
Supervisory Research Ecologist Stephen Faulkner 304-724-4471
Budget Analyst Margaret Fineagan 304-724-4406
Research Ecologist Daniel B Fitzgerald 304-724-4478
Wildlife Biologist Jill Fleming 413-863-3876
Research Ecologist Mary Freeman, Ph.D. 706-542-3499
Facility Operations Specialist R Marty Garcia 413-863-3808
Emeritus Scientist Alfred Gardner, Ph.D. 202-633-1276
Office automation Clerk Nicholas Gillespie 703-648-4355
Research Ecologist Howard Ginsberg, Ph.D.
Biologist Alixandra Godar, PhD
Physical Scientist Stephanie Gordon 703-336-2793
Administrative Operations Assistant Jenele Gorham 301-497-5503
Research Wildlife Biologist Evan Grant, Ph.D. 413-863-3823
Contractor Benjamin Gressler -- --
Research Ecologist Glenn Guntenspergen, Ph.D. 218-788-2707
Scientist Emeritus Caldwell Hahn, Ph.D. 703-785-9395
Biological Science Tech Daniel Hall
Fish Biologist Alexander Haro, Ph.D. 413-863-3806
Biologist Kyra Harvey -- --
Research Physiologist Paula Henry, Ph.D. 301-497-5728
Computer Scientist James Hines 301-497-5661
Research Fish Biologist Nathaniel (Than) Hitt, PhD 304-724-4463
Physical Scientist Zachary Hopkins
Research Fish Biologist Deborah D Iwanowicz, PhD 304-724-4439
Research Biologist Luke R Iwanowicz, Ph.D. 304-724-4550
Biological Science Tech Josiah Jensen
Biologist Robin Johnson 304-724-4573
Wildlife Data Assistant Karen Jones 301-497-5794
Research Ecologist Natalie Karouna-Renier, Ph.D. 301-497-5724
Research Ecologist David Kazyak, Ph.D. 304-724-4577
Research Fishery Biologist Micah Kieffer 413-863-3817
Office automation Clerk Kevin Kim 703-648-4084
Information Specialist Casey Knapp 301-497-5502
Biologist/NCTC Liaison Karen Knotts
Maintenance Worker Adam J Kotulka 570-724-3322
Ext: 240
Fish Biologist Kevin Krause 304-724-4472
Biological Science Tech Jonas Lai
Administrative Operations Assistant Leslie Lammons 301-497-5743
Ecologist Benjamin H Letcher 413-863-3803
Maintenance Worker Eric Lewis 301-497-5615
Biologist Barbara A Lubinski 304-724-4575
Wildlife Biologist Michael Lutmerding 301-497-5803
Biologist Jackie Luu, PhD
Research Ecologist James E Lyons, Ph.D. 301-497-5567
Maintenance Worker Patrick Madigan 301-497-5513
Research Ecologist Kelly O Maloney, Ph.D. 304-724-4579
Computer Programmer Margarita Malorodova 301-497-5824
Biologist Jennifer Malpass, Ph.D. 301-497-5804
Research Biologist Jeff Marion, Ph.D. 540-231-6603
Supervisory Biologist Julien Martin, Ph.D. 240-354-2934
Biologist Kenan Matterson
Biological Science Technician Mary Maxey 301-497-5725
Emeritus Daniel McAuley 207-581-3008
Research Physiologist, Section Leader Stephen D McCormick 413-863-3804
Biologist Jennifer McKay -- --
Civil Engineer Kevin Molongoski 413-863-3800
Research Geneticist Cheryl L Morrison, Ph.D. 304-724-4464
Research Hydraulic Engineer Kevin B Mulligan 413-863-3837
Ecologist Jessica Nagel, Ph.D. -- --
Biological Science Technician Elaine Nakash 301-497-5797
Scientist Emeritus James Nichols, Ph.D. 301-497-5660
Research Wildlife Biologist Daniel Niven, Ph.D. -- --
Center Director Thomas J O'Connell 304-724-4401
Research Ecologist Matthew O'Donnell 413-863-3868
Contractor Miluska Olivera-Hyde -- --
Veterinary Medical Officer Glenn Olsen, Ph.D. 301-497-5603
IMT Chief David Orlovitz 301-487-5530
Deputy Center Director Andrea Ostroff 304-724-4402
Research Fish Biologist Christoper A Ottinger 304-724-4453
Budget Analyst Robin Owens 304-724-4413
Wildlife Biologist Keith Pardieck 301-497-5843
Maintenance Worker Samuel Parker 413-863-3844
Biological Science Technician Sharon Peregoy 301-497-5875
Scientist Emeritus Matthew C. Perry, Ph.D. 301-497-5622
Biologist Suzanne Peurach 301-497-5785
Biologist James Poindexter, II 301-497-5653
Research Biologist Diann Prosser, Ph.D. 301-497-5914
Biological Science Technician Clayton Raines 304-724-4452
Research Physiologist Barnett Rattner, Ph.D. 301-497-5671
Research Physiologist Amy Regish 413-863-3809
IT Specialist Ronald Rhinehart
Assistant Center Director Brian Richardson
Fish Biologist Karli Rogers 304-724-4473
BBL Biologist Matthew Rogosky 301-497-5941
Partner & Employee Engagement Team Chief Kirby J Rootes-Murdy
Research Statistician Andy Royle, Ph.D. 301-497-5846
Research Ecologist Michael Runge, Ph.D. 301-497-5748
Contractor Veronica Salamone -- --
Safety Officer Timothy Saucier 301-497-5934
Research Wildlife Biologist John Sauer, Ph.D. 301-497-5662
Research Chemist William Bane Schill 304-724-4438
Biological Science Technician Sandra Schultz 301-497-5927
Biological Science Technician Charles Shafer 301-497-5842
Volunteer Cheyenne Simpson -- --
Database Administrator Jorawar Singh 301-497-5820
Research Statistician (Biology) David R Smith, Ph.D. 304-724-4467
Research Ecologist Craig D Snyder 304-724-4468
Biological Science Technician Adam Sperry 304-724-4455
Volunteer Daniel Spooner -- --
Ext: 232
Maintenance Mechanic Richard Stanley 301-532-2999
Postdoctoral Research Associate Michelle Stantial, Ph.D. 301-497-5500
Biologist Chelsea Steinbrecher-Hoffmann 301-497-5795
Biologist Jeffery Sullivan 301-497-5914
Database & GIS Specialist Allison Sussman 301-497-5867
External Affairs Specialist Deke Tompkins
Civil Engineer Brett Towler (413) 863​-3802
Supply Technician Craig "Tut" Tuthill 301-497-5805
Emeritus Daniel Twedt, Ph.D. 901-678-7291
Research Wildlife Biologist H Brian Underwood, Ph.D. 607-753-9391
Ext: 7522
Capability Team Manager Forrest Vanderbilt, PhD
Research Biologist Nimish Vyas, Ph.D. 301-497-5721
Electronics Technician Stephen Walk 413-863-3842
Wildlife Biologist Lauren E Walker, Ph.D. 301-497-5798
Research Ecologist Richard Walker, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Heather Walsh 304-724-4445
Biological Science Tech David Walters
Biological Laboratory Technician David Weller 304-724-4476
Biologist Shannon White -- --
Facilities Manager Charles Wicks 301-497-5616
Research Zoologist Neal Woodman, Ph.D. 202-633-1278
Research Biologist John A Young 304-724-4469
Admin Pathways Student Patrick Young 301-497-5500
Biological Science Tech Colleen Young
Wildlife Biologist David Ziolkowski Jr. 301-497-5753