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FRESC Corvallis Research Group

The Corvallis Research Group (CRG) conducts research to support critical information needs of our tribal, federal, state, and other management partners as part of the larger mission of the USGS. 

Primarily, Pacific Northwest forest systems are the focus of our research, particularly forest ecosystem dynamics, fish and wildlife habitats, and responses to agents of change such as forest management activities, fire, non-native species, contaminants, and global climate change. CRG scientists also conduct research in aquatic, riparian, wetland, and coastal systems, exploring similar questions to those addressed in forests. Other specialized research programs address amphibians, native fish, small mammals, and birds, with special focus on threatened and endangered species, migratory birds, and other trust resources. CRG houses laboratories for forest biogeochemistry, conservation genetics, and contaminant ecology, with each focused on applying sophisticated analytical techniques to answer important questions regarding natural resources. 

The CRG is based in Corvallis, Oregon, with most of our laboratories and facilities located on the campus of Oregon State University (OSU). Many of our lead scientists hold courtesy faculty appointments at OSU, and we often conduct research in collaboration with scientists from OSU, U.S. Forest Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and other research organizations on and near the campus. 

Contact Information

Corvallis Research Group
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: 541-750-1030
FAX: 541-750-1069