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The Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center is located on the Denver Federal Center in Denver, Colorado


Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
IT Specialist & Remote Pilot Joe Adams 303-236-2906
Scientist Emeritus Tom Ager 303-236-5345
Geologist Katherine Alexander
Physical Scientist Zach Ancona 303-236-1886
Research Geologist Lesleigh Anderson 303-236-1296
Research Economist Kenneth J. Bagstad, Ph.D. 303-236-1330
Administrative Operations Assisant Kaci Barrett 303-236-5020
Geologist Nolan Barrette
Geographer Mark A Bauer 303-236-1247
Research Geologist Margaret E Berry 303-236-1240
Scientist Emeritus Chuck Blome 303-236-1278
Supervisory Geographer Lance Brady 303-919-8378
Geographer Rebecca Brice, Ph.D. 303-236-1296
Scientist Emeritus Elly Brouwers 303-236-5345
Scientist Emeritus Jim Budahn 303-236-7919
Geographer Matt A Burgess 303-236-5035
Geographer Todd A Burton 303-236-1302
Research Physical Scientist Amanda R. Carlson, PhD
Research Geologist Joseph Colgan 303-236-1021
Cartographer Catherine Costello 303-236-1352
Computer Scientist Jill Janene Cress
Management Analyst Alyssa De Leon
Research Geologist Marieke Dechesne 303-236-1289
Research Ecologist Jay Diffendorfer 303-236-5369
Research Physical Scientist Wayana Dolan
Center Director Lara Douglas 303-236-5344
Geographer Mark A Drummond 970-226-9374
Geologist Zachary Engle
Scientist Emeritus Joan J Fitzpatrick 303-236-7881
Research Geologist (Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow) Ryan E Frazer, Ph.D. 303-236-1276
Geologist Michael Frothingham
Scientist Emeritus Steven Garman 303-236-1353
Research Geologist Amy Gilmer, PhD 303-236-1636
Geologist Judd Goldberg 303-236-5345
Budget Analyst Stacy Goldestein 303-236-4843
Deputy Center Director Harland Goldstein 303-236-5506
Research Geologist Harrison Gray, Ph.D 303-236-7928
Student Trainee (Geography) Jeremy C Havens 303-236-7807
Research Ecologist Todd Hawbaker 303-236-1371
Research Ecologist Paul Henne, Ph.D. 303-236-1262
Information Technology Specialist Bryan Herrera 303-236-5480
Geologist Ian Hillenbrand 303-236-5345
Geologist Jaime Hirtz
Geologist Jeff Honke 303-236-5540
Administrative Operations Assistant Laura Hopkins
Research Geologist Mark R. Hudson, PhD 303-236-7446
Research Geologist Adam M Hudson 303-236-7699
Research Ecologist Peter Ibsen, PhD 303-236-5345
Research Geologist Sam A Johnstone 303-236-5705
Research Geologist Natalie M. Kehrwald 303-236-4534
Geologist Emma Krolczyk 303-236-7928
Scientist Emeritus Mel Kuntz 303-236-5345
Research Geologist Corey Lawrence 303-236-3210
Geologist Jenifer Leidelmeijer 303-236-0953
Physical Scientist Michelle Leung
Scientist Emeritus Dave Lidke 303-236-1286
Research Geologist Jens-Erik Lundstern (Lund Snee) 303-236-7881
Scientist Emeritus Scott C Lundstrom, Ph.D. 303-236-7944
Geologist Alexander Lusk
Research Geologist Brandon Lutz, PhD
Scientist Emeritus Richard F Madole 303-236-5345
Research Geologist, TRIGA Reactor System Administrator Shannon Mahan 303-236-7928
Physical Scientist Jamie L. McBeth 406-994-2371
Scientist Emeritus Scott A Minor 303-236-0303
Scientist Emeritus Dave Moore 303-236-5345
Scientist Emeritus Daniel Muhs 303-236-7919
Scientist Emeritus James Paces 303-236-0533
Student Trainee (Administrative Support) Rose Pejman
Geographer Richard Pelltier 303-236-5808
Research Geologist Jeff Pigati 303-236-7870
Geologist Bryant Platt
Scientist Emeritus Wayne Premo 303-236-7686
Geologist Miriam Primus
Scientist Emeritus Marith Reheis 303-236-1270
Scientist Emeritus Richard L Reynolds 303-236-1303
Geographer Warren Roe
Research Geologist Cal Ruleman 303-236-7804
Physical Scientist Victoria M Scholl
Scientist Emeritus R. Randall Schumann 303-236-1525
Research Geologist Theresa Schwartz 303-236-7881
Research Physical Scientist Darius Semmens 303-236-1420
Research Geologist Sarah Shafer 541-750-0946
Geographer Ben Sherrouse
Scientist Emeritus Ralph Shroba 303-236-1292
Physical Science Technician Julie Simon 303-236-1232
Research Geologist Tyson Smith
Geologist Brooklyn Smout
Geologist Leland R. Spangler
Research Geologist Kathleen Springer
Geologist Laura Strickland 303-236-5302
Computer Scientist Richard L Sutton 303-236-5619
Research Geologist Donald Sweetkind 303-236-1828
Information Technology Specialist Josh Takacs 303-236-1263
Scientist Emeritus Emily M Taylor 303-236-8253
Administrative Officer Debra Taylor 303-236-4835
Scientist Emeritus Bob Thompson 303-236-5347
Research Geologist Ren Thompson, PhD 303-236-0929
Geologist Kelly D. Thomson, PhD
Geologist Hannah G.D. Tompkins
Research Geologist Kenzie Turner 303-236-4610
Geologist Frank Urban 303-236-4790
Geographer Paco Van Sistine 303-236-5452
Research Geographer Melanie Vanderhoof 303-236-1411
Scientist Emeritus John Whitney 303-236-7803
Research Ecologist Kimberly Wickland 303-541-3072
Physical Scientist Elizabeth Williams 303-236-1519
Geologist Jeremiah Workman 303-236-1257
Research Geologist Kristine Zellman 303-236-5838