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Listed below are USGS laboratories directly associated with the Geology, Energy & Minerals Science Center:

    • Reston Microbiology Laboratory

      The RML research team conducts research on the fate of contaminants and nutrients in surface and subsurface environments with the goal of understanding how interactions between microbes and their environment can be used to solve anthropogenic issues. The team has expertise in microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, geomicrobiology, and molecular biology.

    • Reston Biogeochemical Processes in Groundwater Laboratory

      The Reston Biogeochemical Processes in Groundwater Laboratory (RBPGL) research team conducts long-term investigations on the fate and geochemical effects of organic contaminants in surface and subsurface environments.

    • Reston Electron Microbeam Laboratory

      The Reston Electron Microbeam Laboratory is a multi-user facility that maintains and operates state-of-the art electron beam instruments to image and analyze micro-nanoscale properties. Lab staff along with providing instruction in the operation of microbeam instrumentation to lab users also conduct microbeam research on a variety of geologic topics.

    • Brine Research Instrumentation and Experimental (BRInE) Laboratory

      The "BRInE" laboratory participates in the collection and inorganic analysis of produced waters for geochemical fingerprinting and interpretation, environmental and human health impacts (e.g., disposal, reuse), and understanding of potential mineral commodities.

    • Eastern Energy and Environmental Laboratory (EEEL)

      The Eastern Energy and Environmental Laboratory (EEEL) works on a variety of projects related to the environmental and human health effects of energy resource extraction and use, and microbial processes linked to oil and gas production. EEEL is located in the USGS National Center in Reston, Virginia, but collaborates with both domestic and international cooperators.