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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Microbiologist Denise M. Akob, Ph.D. 703-648-5819
Economist Steven T. Anderson 703-648-6486
Scientist Emeritus Emil D. Attanasi, Ph.D. 703-648-6129
Research Geologist Robert Ayuso 703-648-6347
Administrative Operations Assistant Sharon B. Bailey-Branch 703-648-6474
Associate Science Center Director Evan A. Bargnesi 703-648-6407
Scientist Emeritus Anne L. Bates 703-648-6279
Scientist Emeritus Harvey E. Belkin 703-648-6162
Physical Scientist Jacqueline P. Benefield-Green 703-648-5827
Geologist Damon P. Bickerstaff 703-648-6351
Research Geologist Madalyn S. Blondes, Ph.D. 703-648-6509
Petroleum Geochemist Palma J. Botterell 703-648-5416
IT Specialist (Data Management) Edward G. Boyce 703-648-6149
Research Geologist Sean T. Brennan 703-648-6434
Associate Science Center Director Carla A. Brezinski 703-648-6317
Research Geologist Marc L. Buursink, Ph.D. 703-648-6517
Cartographer Steven M. Cahan 703-648-6435
Scientist Emeritus William F. Cannon 703-648-6345
Scientist Emeritus C. Blaine Cecil 703-648-6415
Chemist, Laboratory Manager Jessica M. Chenault 703-648-6425
Research Geologist Christopher D. Connors 703-648-6478
Research Geologist John W. Counts, Ph.D. 703-648-6491
Research Hydrologist Isabelle M. Cozzarelli, Ph.D. 703-648-5899
Research Geologist William H. Craddock, Ph.D. 703-648-6515
Physical Scientist Christina A. DeVera 703-648-6441
Geologist Connie L. Dicken 703-648-6482
Research Geologist Colin Doolan 703-648-6761
Scientist Emeritus Frank T. Dulong 703-648-6416
Geologist Joseph A. East 703-648-6450
Scientist Emeritus Catherine B. Enomoto 703-648-6439
Data Scientist John W. Fisher 703-648-6429
Research Geologist Nora Foley 703-648-6179
Operations Research Analyst Philip A. Freeman 703-648-6447
Physical Scientist Joao S. Gallotti
Supervisory Cartographer Christopher P. Garrity 703-648-6426
Geologist Carlin J. Green 703-648-6331
Research Geologist Paul C. Hackley, Ph.D. 703-648-6458
Geologist Jane M. Hammarstrom 703-648-6165
Physical Science Technician Javin J. Hatcherian 703-648-6455
Acting Center Director Dan O. Hayba 703-648-6327
Research Chemist Sarah M. Hayes, Ph.D. 703-648-6461
Program Analyst Luis A. Henry Vazquez 703-648-6408
Chemist Amanda S. Herzberg 703-648-6462
Geologist Darryl A. Hoppe 703-648-6506
Senior Research Geologist David W. Houseknecht 703-648-6466
Research Geologist Bernard E. Hubbard 703-648-6155
Physical Science Technician Rani Indela 703-648-6504
Research Geologist John Jackson 703-648-6321
Physical Science Technician Glenn D. Jolly 703-648-5866
Research Geologist Matthew M. Jones, Ph.D. 703-648-6468
Research Chemist Aaron M. Jubb, Ph.D. 703-648-6481
Research Petroleum Engineer Cevat O. Karacan, Ph.D. 703-648-6456
Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Geologist Bryan A. Killingsworth, Ph.D. 703-648-6341
GIS and Data Technician Louisa A. Kramer
Physical Scientist Graham W. Lederer, Ph.D. 703-648-7719
Research Geologist Denise M. Levitan, Ph.D. 703-648-6414
Physical Scientist Celeste D. Lohr 703-648-6438
Research Chemist Andrew L. Masterson, Ph.D.
Information Technology Supervisor Robert Matthias 703-648-6477
Research Engineer Bonnie McDevitt 703-648-6678
Scientist Emeritus James (Jim) McNeal 703-648-6650
Research Geologist Matthew D. Merrill 703-648-6457
Research Chemist Elisha “Eli” K. Moore, Ph.D. 703-648-6465
Information Technology Specialist (Internet) Eric A. Morrissey 703-648-6409
Physical Scientist Jennifer L. Nedzweckas 703-648-6449
Research Mathematical Statistician Ricardo A. Olea, Ph.D. 703-648-6414
Scientist Emeritus William H. Orem, Ph.D. 703-648-6273
Biologist Alexis M. Painter 703-648-6496
IT Specialist (Data Management) Andy J. Park 703-648-6424
Research Geologist Nadine M. Piatak-Hackley 703-648-6254
Research Hydrologist Michelle R. Plampin, Ph.D. 703-648-5841
Biologist Bridgette F. Polite (703) 648-5479
Data Scientist Jeremy K. Ray 703-648-6415
Science Center Director Tina Roberts-Ashby, Ph.D. 703-648-6543
Scientist Emeritus Gilpin (Rob) Robinson, Jr., Ph.D. 703-648-6113
Research Geologist Joshua M. Rosera, Ph.D. 703-648-6352
Geologist William A. Rouse 703-648-6423
Scientist Emeritus Elisabeth L. Rowan 703-648-6745
Scientist Emeritus Leslie F. (Jingle) Ruppert 703-648-6431
Mendenhall Research Geologist Ross A. Salerno, Ph.D. 703-648-6499
Research Geologist Margaret M. Sanders, Ph.D. 703-648-6427
Geologist Peter N. Schweitzer, Ph.D. 703-648-6533
Research Scientist Clinton T. Scott, Ph.D. 703-648-6329
Research Geologist Robert R. Seal 703-648-6290
Senior Budget Analyst Teresa L. Sims (479) 747-0373
Scientist Emeritus John F. Slack 703-648-6337
Scientist Emeritus Ernie R Slucher 614-430-7746
Physical Scientist Rebecca A. Smith 703-648-6433
Research Geologist Federico Solano 703-648-6335
Geographer Victoria G. Stengel 512-927-3571
Physical Scientist Martha (Rebecca) Stokes, Ph.D. 703-648-6479
Research Chemist Elizabeth J. Tomaszewski, Ph.D. 703-648-6483
Geologist Michael H. Trippi 703-648-4597
Physical Scientist Brett J. Valentine 703-648-6480
Research Chemist Matthew S. Varonka, Ph.D. 703-648-6412
Administrative Operations Assistant Brett R. Warner 703-648-6436
Supervisory Research Geologist Peter D. Warwick, Ph.D. 703-648-6469
Research Chemist Sarah Jane White, Ph.D. 703-648-6361
Mathematical Statistician Ashton Wiens, Ph.D.
Research Geologist Laurel G. Woodruff 763-783-3291