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Employee Photo Challenge Collage
June 10, 2021

Employee Photo Challenge Collage

A collage of images taken by UGS-GLSC employees during the 2020 field season.

Phragmites plants growing in a greenhouse
May 28, 2021

Phragmites seedlings for Control Experiments

Phragmites australis seedlings in the GLSC (Ann Arbor, Michigan) greenhouse, planted over the course of two days in late May 2021. These seedlings will be used to test cutting strategies in management techniques. 

Diver Collecting Cladophora in Lake Michigan
March 19, 2021

GLSC Diver Collects Cladophora Samples in Lake Michigan

Emily Wimmer (GLSC, Ann Arbor, Michigan) collects Cladophora growing at 6m depth in Lake Michigan.

YouTube Host with live Sea Lamprey in a Tank
December 16, 2020

HBBS Participates in Brave Wilderness Episode Shoot

Brave Wilderness host, Coyote Peterson, holds his hands in a tank of live sea lamprey while filming the first of two sea lamprey-focused episodes for the show’s YouTube channel. GLSC communications associate, Dr. Andrea Miehls, assisted the Brave Wilderness team while filming in multiple remote locations across northeastern Michigan.

Vessels Sampling
December 16, 2020

Vessels Sampling in a River in Ohio

Vessels like this use various sampling methods to collect fish at all life stages, adult, larvae, and eggs.

Nicole King Holding A Grass Carp
December 7, 2020

Tracking the Movement of Grass Carp in the Sandusky River, 2016

Nicole King (University of Toledo graduate student) holding a Grass Carp. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Michigan State University responded to a report from a commercial fisherman that grass carp were being captured in the Sandusky River. Researchers captured, tagged, and released grass carp to track their movements.

Juvenile Cisco in a Holding Tank
October 29, 2020

Juvenile Cisco in a Holding Tank at HBBS

Juvenile cisco (Coregonus artedi) swim in a tank at Hammond Bay Biological Station. The station hosts multiple researchers conducting projects to aid restoration of Great Lakes cisco populations.

Cloudy Skies Over Beaver Island, Lake Michigan
October 26, 2020

Beaver Island During a Fall Gillnet Survey

View of Beaver Island captured during a fall gillnet survey assessing the adult lake trout population in the Northern Refuge of Lake Michigan in support of restoration.

Measuring Fish During Lake Huron Acoustic Survey
September 24, 2020

Measuring Fish During Lake Huron Acoustic Survey

GLSC Fisheries Technician Kristy Phillips (Ann Arbor, Michigan) measuring and Supervisory Biologist Tim O’Brien (Ann Arbor, Michigan) recording biometric data for fish species caught during the 2020 Lake Huron acoustics cruise aboard the Great Lakes Science Center’s R/V Sturgeon.

Lake Trout Under a Microscope Aboard R/V Sturgeon
September 22, 2020

Lake Trout Under a Microscope Aboard R/V Sturgeon

First mate, Lyle Grivicich (GLSC, Cheboygan, Michigan), looks on as Supervisory Fisheries Biologist, Tim O’Brien (GLSC, Ann Arbor, Michigan) examines a recently-caught lake trout under a microscope aboard the USGS Great Lakes Science Center’s Research Vessel Sturgeon, during the 2020 Lake Huron Acoustics cruise.

Tracking Bees in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
September 3, 2020

Tracking Bees in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Tyler McGill (National Park Service) and GLSC ecologist Johanna Nifosi (Chesterton, Indiana) placing bee nests in forested parts of Indiana Dunes National Park. This collaboration between both agencies aims to understand how habitat traits influence native bee connectivity in the area.

Invasive Dreissenid Mussel-Encrusted Acoustic Telemetry Gear
August 28, 2020

Invasive Dreissenid Mussel-Encrusted Acoustic Telemetry Gear

Invasive dreissenid mussel-encrusted acoustic telemetry gear retrieved from Little Bay de Noc in Lake Michigan. Acoustic telemetry technology allows scientists to track fish movement throughout a water body, such as whitefish and walleye in the case of this project. However, the large network of receivers around the Great Lakes basin comes together through the Great Lakes