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The Great Lakes Science Center focuses on science in the Laurentian Basin with work being conducted at six field stations, a vessel base, and our headquarters in Ann Arbor Michigan. Click Locations for information on each station. Our Employee Directory is provided below.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Fisheries Biologist Amanda S Ackiss, PhD 734-994-3331
Administrative Operations Assistant Robert J Adams 219-926-8336
Ext: 419
Biological Science Technician Alicia C Alvarez 734-994-3331
Administrative Operations Assistant Melanie L Andros 715-682-6163
Biological Science Technician Katie V Anweiler, M.S. 734-994-3331
Administrative Operations Assistant Rhonda G Aton 734-214-7205
Biological Science Technician Franklin A Bajenske 989-734-4768
Administrative Operations Assistant Steven A Barnes 734-994-3331
Facilities Manager Chad J Barrett 734-214-7248
Technical Information Specialist Tara M Bell 734-214-7210
Information Technology Specialist Daniel N Benes 734-214-7226
Biological Science Technician Lynn M Benes 734-214-7298
Spatial Ecologist David H Bennion 734-214-7262
Fisheries Biologist Nicole L Berry 734-994-3331
Biologist Wesley A Bickford, PhD 734-214-7291
Fisheries Biologist Thomas Binder 989-734-4768
Ext: 129
Biological Science Technician Glen Black 734-214-7217
Marine Maintenance Repairer James C Boyd 419-616-0060
Budget Analyst Alexandra "Sasha" A Bozimowski 734-214-9391
Fisheries Biologist Cory O Brant, PhD 734-214-7214
Marine Maintenance Repairer Brad W Briggs 231-627-4571
Biological Science Technician Erin E Brino, M.S. 989-734-4768
Biological Science Technician Tyler M Bruning 989-734-4768
Biological Science Technician Brad A Buechel 989-734-4768
Marine Maintenance Repairer Kristopher J Bunce 231-627-4571
Research Fisheries Biologist David B Bunnell, PhD 734-214-9324
Research Microbiologist Muruleedhara (Murulee) N Byappanahalli, PhD 219-926-8336
Ext: 421
Biological Science Technician Marc A Chalupnicki 607-753-9391
Research Vessel Crewman Tyler L Chapman 734-994-3331
Biological Science Technician Margret A Chriscinske 734-214-9323
Biological Science Technician Steven M Ciaramella 734-994-3331
Safety & Occupational Health Specialist Jaquelyn Craig 734-214-7252
Marine Maintenance Repairer Travis R Cronk 213-627-4571
Librarian (Data Scientist) Sofia A Dabrowski 734-214-7213
Biological Science Technician Kaitlyn M Dawson 989-734-4768
Ship Operator Matthew (Matt) W Dawson, BSc 715-682-6163
Biologist Joseph B Deas, PhD 219-926-8336
Ecologist Robin L DeBruyne, PhD 734-214-7228
Biological Science Technician Bethany L Dennis 219-926-8336
Maintenance Mechanic Nathaniel J Devore 219-926-8336
Biological Science Technician Patricia M Dieter 734-214-7220
Research Ecologist Dawn Elaine Dittman, PhD 607-753-9391
Fisheries Biologist Mark R DuFour, PhD 419-616-0060
Ext: 224
Biological Science Technician Scott C Dwyer 734-994-3331
Biological Science Technician Shelby L Eagan, M.S. 734-994-7295
Biological Science Technician Lindsie A Egedy 734-994-3331
Research Fisheries Biologist Peter C Esselman, PhD 734-214-7267
Research Ecologist Mary Anne Evans, PhD 734-214-7221
Biological Science Technician Lori M Evrard 715-682-6163
Biological Science Technician Steve A Farha 734-994-3331
Administrative Officer Shonnie A Fearon 614-562-1997
Fisheries Biologist Skye D Fissette 734-994-3331
Biological Science Technician Meagan G Froeba 734-994-3331
Fish Biologist Tyler R Funnell 989-734-4768
Ext: 114
Biologist Madeleine R Gagliano 734-994-3331
Marine Maintenance Repairer Jacob A Gapczynski 213-627-4571
Research Biologist Alexander J Gatch, MSc 607-753-9391
Ext: 7540
Utility Systems Operator Thad Gibson 734-214-7244
Biological Science Technician Madeleine M Giordano 734-214-7295
Research Fisheries Biologist Owen T Gorman, PhD 715-682-6511
Biologist Joseph M Gravino, Jr. 219-926-8336
First Mate Lyle T Grivicich 231-627-4571
Branch Chief, Research Ecologist Ralph Grundel, PhD 219-926-8336
Biological Science Technician Francesco Guzzo 419-616-0060
Fisheries Biologist Todd A Hayden 989-734-4768
Ext: 130
Fisheries Biologist Corbin D Hilling, PhD 419-616-0060
Ext: 211
Communications Associate Lauren A.C. Holbrook 989-734-4768
Ext: 134
Research Fisheries Biologist Christopher M Holbrook, PhD 989-734-4768
Ext: 0124
Research Fisheries Biologist Darryl W Hondorp, PhD 734-214-7241
Fisheries Biologist Andrew Honsey, PhD 989-734-4768
Ext: 113
Scientist Emeritus Patrick L Hudson, PhD 734-214-7219
Ecologist Lindsay E Hunt 219-926-8336
Ext: 436
Fisheries Biologist Robert D Hunter 419-616-0060
Biological Science Technician Stacey A Ireland 734-214-7261
Research Ecologist Nicholas S Johnson, PhD 989-734-4768
Scientist Emeritus James H Johnson, PhD 607-753-9391
Administrative Operations Assistant Alex Kaczynski 607-753-9391
Ext: 35
Aquatic Research Laboratory Manager Kevin M Keeler 734-214-7204
Supervisory Fisheries Biologist Gregory W Kennedy 734-214-7215
Biological Science Technician Kevin R Keretz 419-616-0060
Ext: 219
Biological Science Technician Branden E Kohler 419-616-0060
Research Ecologist Kurt P Kowalski, PhD 734-214-9308
Supervisory Research Fisheries Biologist Richard T Kraus, PhD 419-616-0060
Ext: 213
Supervisory Research Fisheries Biologist Brian F Lantry, PhD 315-343-3951
Ext: 18
Facilities Manager Eric R Larson 989-734-4768
Ext: 119
Fish Biologist Lucas Le Tarte 315-343-3951
Biological Science Technician Benjamin S Leonhardt 734-994-3331
Biological Science Technician Megan E Lewan 734-994-3331
Fish Biologist Sean A Lewandoski 989-734-4768
Ship Operator Terry Lewchanin 315-343-3951
Biologist Michael R Lowe, PhD 989-734-4768
Biological Science Technician Gregg E Mackey 607-753-9391
Research Fisheries Biologist Charles P Madenjian, PhD 734-214-7259
Fish Biologist Benjamin Marcy-Quay 989-734-4768
Biological Science Technician Janet S McConnell 989-734-4768
Research Ecologist James E McKenna, Jr., PhD 607-753-9391
Biological Science Technician Jessica N Middleton 734-944-3331
Communications Associate Andrea L Miehls, PhD 989-734-4768
Ext: 135
Research Fisheries Biologist Scott M Miehls, PhD 989-734-4768
Ext: 118
Biologist Joshua J Miller 734-214-7274
Biological Science Technician Scott P Minihkeim 315-343-3951
Ext: 6513
Biological Science Technician Olivia M Mitchinson 315-343-3951
Data Steward Nancy A Nate 989-734-4768
Information Technology Specialist Scott R Nelson 734-214-7243
Supervisory Research Fisheries Biologist Kurt R Newman, PhD 734-214-7257
Biologist Johanna M Nifosi 219-926-8336
Supervisory Fisheries Biologist Timothy P O'Brien 734-214-7266
Biologist Brian P O'Malley, PhD 315-343-3951
Biological Science Technician Richard C Oldham 419-616-0060
Ext: 226
Ship Operator Shawn E Parsons 231-627-4571
Research Ecologist Noel B Pavlovic, PhD 219-926-8336
Administrative Operations Assistant Saul L Perez 734-994-3331
Biological Science Technician Sydney B Phillips 715-682-6163
Biological Science Technician Kristy R Phillips 734-214-7282
Ecologist Katarzyna (Kasia) Przybyla-Kelly 219-926-8336
Ext: 423
Web Manager Richard T Quintal 734-994-3331
Research Fisheries Biologist James J Roberts, PhD 419-616-0060
Ext: 217
Biologist Ann J Ropp 734-214-7242
Scientist Emeritus Edward F Roseman, PhD 734-214-7237
Large Vessel Program Manager Gary L Rutz 419-616-0060
Ext: 218
Biological Science Technician Luke S Sayler 734-994-3331
Research Fisheries Biologist Joseph D Schmitt, PhD 419-616-0060
Ext: 215
Biological Science Technician Kailee A Schulz 734-994-3331
Biological Science Technician Trisha L Searcy 989-734-4768
Information Technology Specialist Steven L Silvis 734-994-3331
Biologist Martin A Simonson, PhD Candidate 734-994-3331
Fish Biologist Scott D Stahl 315-343-3951
Ship's Mate Walter (Dylan) Stewart, MSc 231-627-4571
Administrative Operations Assistant Jennifer L Stiner 419-616-0060
Marine Maintenance Repairer Theodore G Strang 315-343-3951
Ext: 6515
Biological Science Technician Henry T Thompson 989-734-4768
Biological Science Technician Alden T Tilley 734-994-3331
Research Fisheries Biologist Ralph W Tingley, III, PhD 734-994-3331
Biological Science Technician Hadley L Vandevusse 989-734-4768
Supervisory Research Fisheries Biologist Mark Vinson, PhD 715-682-6163
Biologist Ryan W Walquist 315-343-3951
Marine Operations & Equipment Specialist Joseph T Walters 715-682-6163
Ext: 15
Research Fisheries Biologist David M Warner, PhD 734-214-2914
Fisheries Biologist Nicole M Watson, PhD 715-682-6163
Research Fisheries Biologist Brian C Weidel, PhD 315-343-3951
Marine Maintenance Repairer Paul Wells 607-753-9391
Ext: 7524
Biological Science Technician Emma E Wickert 989-734-4768
Biological Science Technician Zachary J Wickert 989-734-4768
Biologist Spenser Widin, M.S. 734-994-3331
Administrative Operations Assistant Tiffiny L Yarch 989-734-4768
Ext: 111
Biological Science Technician Nicholas J Yeager 734-994-3331
Research Fisheries Biologist Daniel L Yule, MSc 715-682-6163
Information Technology Specialist Limei Zhang 734-214-7211