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Featured Study

Mercury Cycling in the Hells Canyon Complex of Reservoirs

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Date published: December 21, 2020

Idaho Hydrologic Update, December 2020

December 2020 issue of the Idaho Hydrologic Update from the USGS Idaho Water Science Center.

Date published: November 23, 2020

Idaho Hydrologic Update, November 2020

November 2020 issue of the Idaho Hydrologic Update from the USGS Idaho Water Science Center.


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Year Published: 2021

Effect of organic matter concentration and characteristics on mercury mobilization and methylmercury production at an abandoned mine site

Thousands of abandoned mines throughout the western region of North America contain elevated total-mercury (THg) concentrations. Mercury is mobilized from these sites primarily due to erosion of particulate-bound Hg (THg-P). Organic matter-based soil amendments can promote vegetation growth on mine tailings, reducing erosion and subsequent loading...

Eckley, Chris S.; Luxton, Todd P.; Stanfield, Brooks; Baldwin, Austin K.; Holloway, JoAnn; McKernan, John; Johnson, Mark

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Year Published: 2020

Geologic map of the Butte City 7.5' Quadrangle, Butte County, Idaho

The geologic map of the Butte City 7.5’ quadrangle is based on mapping summarized in the 1:100,000 scale map of the Idaho National Laboratory, U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Investigations Map I-2330, by Kuntz and others, 1994. New surficial geologic mapping was completed by National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) interns, Evan...

Helmuth, Samuel Levi; Martin, Evan; Hodges, Mary K. V.; Champion, Duane E.
Helmuth, S.L. Martin, E.J., Hodges, M.K.V., and Champion, D.E., 2020, Geologic Map of the Butte City 7.5' Quadrangle, Butte County, Idaho: Idaho Geological Survey Technical Report T-20-04

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Year Published: 2020

colorspace: A toolbox for manipulating and assessing colors and palettes

The R package colorspace provides a flexible toolbox for selecting individual colors or color palettes, manipulating these colors, and employing them in statistical graphics and data visualizations. In particular, the package provides a broad range of color palettes based on the HCL (hue-chroma-luminance) color space. The three HCL dimensions have...

Zeileis, Achim; Fisher, Jason C.; Hornik, Kurt; Ihaka, Ross; McWhite, Claire D.; Murrell, Paul; Stauffer, Reto; Wilke, Claus O.