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Our Capabilities

The Oregon Water Science Center uses state-of-the-art techniques for data collection and interpretation. We employ rigorous quality-control methods in carrying out our activites. Our scientists have a wide range of expertise in all areas of water science, including: water quality, groundwater, surface water, and aquatic ecosystems.

Data collection: We collect streamflow and water-quality data at more than 200 stations around Oregon and disseminate it to the public in real time over the internet. A variety of public and private entities use our streamflow data for applications ranging from flood forecasting to infrastructure planning. We also monitor water levels at observation wells statewide. Our water-level data are critical for assessing groundwater conditions and as input to models that predict water availability.

Data interpretation: The Oregon Water Science Center is committed to helping managers understand the effects of natural processes and human activities on Oregon’s water resources. Investigations with cooperating agencies provide information used to develop water management plans. We employ an integrated approach that encompasses many scientific disciplines, drawing on experts from throughout the USGS to augment the already diverse pool of talent within the Center


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