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At USGS our scientists are dedicating their time and effort to develop learning opportunities in water sciences for audiences ranging from K-12 youth, college and graduate students, to citizen scientists throughout the U.S.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologic Technician Amarys Acosta 503-251-3265
Hydrologic Technician Tasha Albertson-Herberholz 971-533-6494
Hydrologist, Water-Quality Specialist Chauncey Anderson 971-288-7607
Hydrologist Heather Bervid 530-308-4268
Hydrologic Technician Sara Blocker 503-758-6010
Hydrologic Technician Carrie L Boudreau 503-251-3247
Hydrologic Technician Heather M Bragg 503-251-3224
Hydrologic Technician Amy M Brooks 208-773-4938
Ext: 17
Hydrologist Kurt D Carpenter 503-251-3215
Hydrologic Technician Justin Carr 541-776-4280
Regional Science Coordinator Terrence Conlon 971-645-2887
Hydrologic Technician Bryan N Coorlim 541-776-4282
Hydrologist Nicholas Corson-Dosch 503-251-3269
Hydrologic Technician Thomas P Craig 541-776-4281
Center Director James "Dar" Crammond 503-251-3204
Management Analyst Matthew D Dale 503-251-3292
Hydrologic Technician Sylas Daughtrey 503-251-3235
Hydrologic Technician Scott M Deweese 503-251-3244
Hydrologist Paul Diaz, Jr. 541-776-4259
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Micelis C Doyle 503-251-3226
Hydrologic Technician Scott Elsworth 503-251-3295
Hydrologic Technician Andrew Erickson 541-273-8689
Supervisory Hydrologist, Field Office Chief Marcia C Erickson 541-944-3009
Associate Director for Studies Alexandra Etheridge 916-995-0784
Hydrologic Technician Lori L Fischer 503-251-3275
Hydrologic Technician Jacob A Flinn 503-251-3460
Hydrologic Technician Chris Galvin 503-251-3252
Scientist Emeritus Marshall Gannett 503-251-3233
Hydrologist C. Amanda Garcia 503-251-3464
Hydrologic Technician Adam Gibson 503-251-3242
Research Hydrologist Stephen B Gingerich 503-251-3216
Hydrologic Technician Patrick Haluska 503-251-3228
Hydrologist Tessa Harden 503-251-3293
Hydrologist Jonathan Haynes 503-251-3468
IT Specialist Ryan J Heath 503-251-3221
Hydrologist Nora Herrera 503-251-3209
Contractor Thomas A Herrett -- --
Hydrologic Technician Lisa Hoaks 503-251-3278
Hydrologic Technician Tiffany Jacklin 503-251-3284
Team Lead-Hydrologist Hank Johnson 503-251-3472
Engineering Technician (Civil) Frank S Johnson 541-776-4283
Hydrologist Krista Jones 503-251-3476
Hydrologic Technician Katherine Jorgensen 503-251-3266
Hydrologist Mackenzie Keith 503-320-8094
Hydrologist Joseph J Kennedy 503-251-3200
Administrative Officer Andrew L Kerslake 503-251-3253
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician James B King 503-251-3462
Budget Analyst Peter Koestner 503-215-3261
Research Hydrologist Justin Kulongoski 619-225-6122
Hydrologic Technician Zachary Leninger 503-251-3200
Hydrologic Technician Eric Ligmond 503-729-6235
Hydrologic Technician Gregory Lind 503-251-3248
Hydrologic Technician Will Long 541-891-0987
Hydrologic Technician Miles Mayer 503-251-3245
Hydrologic Technician Ann M McGowan 503-251-3235
Hydrologic Technician Christopher McWhorter 541-776-4280
Hydrologic Technician William Milligan 503-251-3223
Hydrologist Jennifer Morace 503-251-3229
Hydrologic Field Assistant Wesley D Munck 503-251-3262
Research Chemist, Team Lead Elena Nilsen 503-251-3277
Student Trainee (Hydrology) Wesley Noone 971-221-5964
Research Geologist Jim E O'Connor 503-251-3222
Cartographer Jacqueline Olson 503-251-3268
Hydrologist Brandon T Overstreet 541 419-8140
Associate Director for Data Keith M Overton 503-729-2322
Hydrologic Technician Matthew S Pachla 503-251-3289
Hydrologic Technician Jeffrey Paulat 503-251-3272
Hydrologist Sean Payne 503-251-3283
Hydrologic Technician David R Piatt 503-251-3225
Hydrologist Esther Pischel 5418910987
Hydrologic Technician Danial Polette 503-251-3281
Hydrologist Erin Poor 503-251-3240
Hydrologic Technician Max Price 541-776-4256
Hydrologic Technician Joshua R Price 503-251-3258
Research Hydrologist John Risley -- --
Hydrologic Technician Vanessa Rodgers 503-251-3203
Scientist Emeritus Stewart Rounds 503-251-3280
Hydrologic Technician Michael J Sarantou 503-251-3286
Hydrologist Liam Schenk 541-273-8689
Hydrologist Noah Schmadel 928-699-5580
Hydrologic Technician Max Schwid
Hydrologic Technician Jonathan W Shannon 503-251-3254
Hydrologic Technician Bradley P Smith 503-251-3266
Ext: 214
Ecologist Casie Smith 541-383-5589
Public Affairs Specialist Steven Sobieszczyk 503-251-3208
Hydrologic Technician Jay Spillum 503-251-3271
Hydrologic Technician Randy M Spitzer 541-776-4282
Supervisory Hydrologist Marc A Stewart 541-776-4258
Hydrologist Adam Stonewall 503-251-3276
Hydrologist Laurel Stratton Garvin 503-251-3234
Hydrologic Technician Paul Strohmayer 503-730-6707
Hydrologist Annett Sullivan
Research Hydrologist Jim Tesoriero 503-251-3202
Student Trainee (Hydrology) Justin VonTungeln 541-273-8689
Ext: 213
Research Biologist Ian R Waite 503-251-3463
Geomorph Team Lead J. Rose Wallick 503-251-3219
Hydrologist David Weathers 503-251-3236
Geographer Toby Welborn 503-251-3287
Research Geologist Ray Wells 503-251-3282
Hydrologist Susan Wherry 503-251-3263
Hydrologist James White 503-251-3217
Hydrologic Technician Justin Willhite 503-679-5091
Volunteer John S Williams -- --
Hydrologist Daniel R Wise 503-251-3213
Scientist Emeritus Tamara Wood 503-251-3255
Hydrologic Technician Matthew Yates 503-251-3296