Hydrogeology Science in Texas - Overview

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Hydrogeology is the study of how groundwater moves and is distributed. At the USGS Texas Water Science Center (TXWSC), hydrogeologic studies focus on regional groundwater assessments, focused investigations, aquifer delineation, and inter-agency science support.


TXWSC has expertise in a wide variety of hydrogeology science applications, including, but not limited to: 

  • Delineating and characterizing aquifers
  • Determining groundwater sources, recharge, discharge, and mixing zones.
  • Mapping geology and hydrostratigraphy
  • Characterizing the connection between surface water and groundwater 
  • Collecting, processing, and interpreting groundwater-level and aquifer-sediment-compaction data
  • Modeling
    • Parameter and predictive uncertainty
    • Regional conceptual models of hydrogeologic frameworks
    • Integrated surface-water/groundwater 
    • Groundwater flow
    • Saline and brackish water flow and transport


Find out more about TXWSC groundwater science and karst science expertise in these printable information sheets.



USGS scientist preparing water-quality samples from a well near El Paso, Texas

USGS scientist preparing water-quality samples from a well near El Paso, Texas. (Public domain.)

Aquifer Delineation and Characterization

Edwards Aquifer Groundwater Model Uncertainty Analysis

Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone Monitoring Network

Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone Surface-water and Groundwater Interaction

Hydrogeologic Atlas for Fort Bliss

Seismic and Geoelectric Characterization of the Precambrian Granite Gravel Aquifer


Hydrogeologic Investigations

Hydrogeologic Framework of Gaines, Terry, and Yoakum Counties

Hydrogeology of the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers within Hays County

Regional Groundwater Assessments

Coastal Lowlands Regional Groundwater Availability Study

Houston Area Groundwater Level and Subsidence Monitoring

National Water-Quality Assessment Project in Texas - Groundwater Activities

Red River Focus Area Study

Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Program

Upper Rio Grande Basin Focus Area Study