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Date published: June 22, 2020

EXPRESS: Expanding Pacific Research and Exploration of Submerged Systems - Interagency Collaborative Efforts Explore Deep Ocean Areas

As state and national interest in offshore renewable energy development and substantial commercial and recreational fishing activities grows, managing offshore habitats becomes increasingly challenging. In response, USGS and BOEM have joined NOAA and several non-Federal partners to initiate...

Date published: June 5, 2020

Critical Minerals in the EEZ

For centuries, people have crossed oceans in search of valuable minerals. In recent times, though, increasing attention has been paid to the oceans themselves for their mineral potential, especially rock formations on the seafloor. 

Date published: June 2, 2020

Celebrate the Ocean! June is Ocean Month

Nearly two-thirds of our planet is covered by water with more than 120 million Americans living near an ocean or Great Lake. Celebrate Ocean Month and learn more about USGS ocean science research! And, check out the June 11 News Release from The White House, “...

June 1, 2020

Sound Waves Newsletter - April-May 2020

USGS prepares for an active hurricane season, celebrates Ocean Month, wins two 1st place communications awards for an information product, and more, in this April-May 2020 issue of Sound Waves.

Date published: May 1, 2020

Fan deltas could preserve evidence of landslide-triggered tsunamis

New research paper documents the dramatic change to the landscape following a massive landslide tsunami in Taan Fiord in 2015.

March 30, 2020

Sound Waves Newsletter - January-March 2020

USGS announces the release of the decadal strategic plan for the Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program, USGS coastal and marine research strongly represented at the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting, USGS collects 12-year time series of climate data from the Gulf of Mexico, and more in this January-March 2020 issue of Sound Waves.

Date published: March 30, 2020

Recent Fieldwork - January-March 2020

In the first quarter of 2020, USGS scientists surveyed mangrove coral habitats in Florida, set up instruments in American Samoa to study coral reef damage, collected data from the Gulf of Mexico, San Francisco and Stanford, California, and Washington state.

Date published: March 10, 2020

FeMn crust composition on seamounts in the west-central Pacific Ocean

First detailed, large-scale study of parameters that control ferromanganese crust composition on seamounts in the west-central Pacific Ocean

Date published: February 20, 2020

Scientists from all three Coastal and Marine Science Centers represent USGS at the Ocean Sciences 2020 Meeting in San Diego

A total of nineteen scientists from all three Coastal and Marine Science Centers represented USGS at the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego, California. Many of the presentations were collaborative, cross-center projects with partners from numerous other agencies and academic institutions.