Applied Acoustics AA201 Boomer Plate

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The AA201 boomer plate is used with a high-resolution seismic system


The boomer plate produces a repeatable pulse in the 1-6kHz frequency range using an electrodynamic transducer that can be powered by a capacitor discharge system. It has a penetration on the order of 150 m (depending on sediment type) and provides a balance between resolution and penetration.  It can be used in freshwater lakes where a sparker would not be suitable.


  • Manufacturer: Applied Acoustics
  • Model: AA200
  • Weight: 18 kg in air
  • Dimensions: 15" x 15“
  • Power Requirements: CSP or CSP-D Power Supply, Max Energy Input of 300 J/shot,

Operational Characteristics

  • Minimum Operational Depth: 1 m
  • Maximum Operational Depth: 500 m
  • Sediment Type: Any
  • Power Outputs / Freq. Ranges: 215 dB re 1 µPa at 1 m with 200 J , 1-6 kHz Boomer plate frequency
  • Ship’s Requirements
    • A-frame, davit, j-frame etc. or hand-deployed
    • Deck space to accommodate the CAT100 tow sled (~3’ x ~5’)

Additional Equipment required

  • The boomer plate can be used in a single plate configuration with the use of a CAT100 tow sled
  • The boomer plate has a two-wire high voltage cable that needs to be connected in the junction box of the power supply

Complementary Systems

Seismic sounds sources need to be used with some form of “listening”/recording device.  Examples include a Geometrics GeoEel multi-channel hydrophone streamer, or an Applied Acoustics hydrophone streamer