Science Center Objects

The USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center in Santa Cruz, California, maintains a certified scientific dive team.

Underwater photo of a person in silhouette, wearing a wetsuit and dive gear and floating near some kelp.


MarFac maintains a USGS certified scientific dive team, supervised by the PCSMC Diving Safety Officer, that can function in a variety of ways underwater to support the science mission of the center.

Operational Capabilities

  • Instrument cleaning and inspection
  • Search and salvage
  • Sample collection
  • Data collection
  • Coral coring

Statistics and Equipment

  • 2-3 certified divers rated ≥ 100ft
  • 3 vessels capable of supporting diving, 11ft, 23ft, 34ft
  • 12 Nitrox cylinders
  • Full facemasks with coms (communication capability)
  • Hydraulic coral coring rig
  • Underwater metal detector
  • Portable air compressor