Adaptive Management for Threatened and Endangered Species

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The Challenge: Threatened and endangered species have to be managed in the face of uncertainty, but traditionally, there has been reluctance to think about adaptive management of listed species. Management agencies with responsibility for threatened and endangered species need tools to help manage in the face of uncertainty, with the hope of reducing that uncertainty.

The Science: We have worked closely with management agencies in the US and Australia to develop adaptive frameworks for management of polar bears, wolves, Tasmanian devils, Florida scrub-jays, bull trout, Mead’s milkweed, and humpback chub, among other species.

The Future: A vision for the use of adaptive management under the U.S. Endangered Species Act was published in the Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management in 2011. We are currently helping develop recovery criteria for Florida Panthers, and are working with the USFWS and other partners to develop a framework for allocating funding to recovery efforts.