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USGS hurricane response models and data to be shared with the Federal Emergency Management Agency Modeling and Data Working Group.

Kara Doran will give a presentation on USGS hurricane response, including coastal change hazard forecast models and USGS-wide pre- and post-storm data to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Modeling and Data Working Group. 

Screen shot of total water level viewer
Screen shot of Total Water Level Viewer. (Public domain.)

The USGS presentation will highlight the ongoing interagency collaboration between NOAA and the USGS, and will follow a presentation by Jamie Rhome of the National Hurricane Center on June 17, 2020.

The FEMA Modeling and Data Working Group (MDWG) mission is to identify consistent, reliable, and authoritative models and data sets for response planning and operational decision-making for catastrophic events. The MDWG has worked to assess the current modeling systems in use, including their owners, requirements, consumers, production processes, and means of public messaging. USGS storm data and coastal forecast models could assist FEMA to better prepare for coastal change hazards, mitigate damages, plan for evacuation needs and routes, and prioritize post-storm cleanup efforts. Kara will present the USGS/NOAA Total Water Level and Coastal Change Forecast model as well as the Coastal Change Hazards Portal, and will highlight the interagency partnership between USGS and NOAA.

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