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SPCMSC researcher Jenna Brown attended the inaugural Water Observing Technology Forum (WOTF), which was co-hosted by the USGS Water Mission Area, and gave poster presentations on the “USGS CoastCam Network” and “Measuring Storm Waves and Water Levels with a Geolux Oceanographic Radar”, showcasing work being done to improve our understanding and predictions of coastal storm impacts.

Clockwise from upper left: a speaker giving a presentation, USGS Facility entrance, Facility interior, and poster session.
Top left: Speaker from SECOORA presenting on how WebCOOS imagery can be used to validate the USGS TWL&CC forecasts. Bottom left: Poster presented by Jenna Brown on the “USGS CoastCam Network”. Middle: Outside of the USGS HIF 2.0. Right: View of the tanks inside the USGS HIF 2.0.

The WOTF brought together researchers from Federal agencies and academia, as well as industry representatives, with the goal of identifying critical observational gaps and emerging water monitoring and sensing technologies. The focus was on imagery-based observing platforms and mobile monitoring systems to measure water parameters. The poster presentations given covered: 1) the “USGS CoastCam Network,” highlighting the use of stationary cameras to quantitatively measure water levels for validating the USGS Total Water Level & Coastal Change (TWL&CC) forecasts, and 2) “Measuring Storm Waves and Water Levels with a Geolux Oceanographic Radar,” showcasing the deployments of a new non-contact radar instrument during Hurricanes Ian and Idalia, which allowed for difficult and valuable measurements of waves and water levels in the surfzone during storm events. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to network with research partners and industry representatives to discuss water observing capabilities for a range of environments, and take the opportunity to tour the new and impressive USGS Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility (HIF 2.0).

For more information visit USGS Water Resources Mission Area and Next Generation Water Observing System (NGWOS).

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