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Date published: February 20, 2020
Status: Active

Forest Landscape Ecology of the Upper Mississippi River Floodplain

Forests are the dominant land cover along the floodplain of the Upper Mississippi River System. These forests are primarily made up of relatively short-lived and rapidly growing species, such as willow, cottonwood, silver maple, green ash, American elm, but with inclusions of slower growing and longer-lived species, such as oak and hickory species.

Date published: May 18, 2017

Modeling the Distribution and Relative Abundance of Mammalian Predators in the Prairie Pothole Region of Minnesota

Mammalian predation is a major factor influencing waterfowl productivity in the Prairie Pothole Region. Rates of predation of waterfowl nests differ by predator species, so understanding landscape or spatial patterns in predator density are desired by many natural resource managers. Spatial predictions for the occurrence and relative abundance of predators would allow natural resource managers...