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Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center
2630 Fanta Reed Road
La Crosse, Wisconsin


Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Fish Biologist Jon Amberg, PhD 608-781-6322
Cartographic Technician Colleen Anderson 608-781-6251
Biological Technician Sean Bailey 608-781-6204
Biologist Matthew T Barbour 608-781-6244
Research Fishery Biologist Lynn A Bartsch 608-781-6286
Research Biologist Michelle R Bartsch 608-781-6285
Research Wildlife Biologist William Beatty, PhD 608-781-6248
Biologist Michael A Boogaard 608-781-6238
Budget Analyst Marissa Borre 608-781-6303
Ecologist Kristen L Bouska, PhD 608-781-6344
Research Fish Biologist Marybeth Brey, PhD 608-781-6243
Research Wildlife Biologist Ryan C Burner, PhD 608-781-6203
IT Specialist Mike Caucutt 608-781-6345
Chemist Derek Craig 608-781-6347
Fish Biologist Aaron Cupp 608-781-6266
Research Wildlife Biologist Christine Custer 608-781-6247
Research Ecologist Nathan R De Jager, PhD 608-781-6232
Biologist John T Delaney, PhD 608-781-6301
Chief, Geospatial Sciences and Technologies Branch Jennifer J Dieck 608-781-6382
Biologist Paul Dummer 608-781-6241
Research Quantitative Ecologist Richard Erickson, PhD 608-783-6451
Biologist Luke J Fara 608-781-6233
Geographer Benjamin C Finley 608-781-6105
Research Ecologist Wes Flynn
Biologist Timothy Fox 608-781-6342
Biologist Kim Fredricks 608-781-6287
Biologist Andrea Fritts, PhD 608-781-6284
Center Director Mark Gaikowski 608-781-6221
Facility Manager Mark Goede 608-781-6253
Research Statistician Brian Gray, PhD 608-781-6234
Biologist Jenny L Hanson 608-781-6372
IT Specialist Travis Harrison 608-781-6349
Ext: 349
Technical Information Specialist Lisa Hein 608-781-6215
Deputy Center Director Anna Hess, PhD 608-781-6396
Wildlife Biologist Randy K Hines 608-781-6398
Geographer Enrika Hlavacek 608-781-6211
Biological Science Technician Steven C Houdek 608-781-6305
Research Ecologist Jeff Houser, PhD 608-781-6262
Biologist Erin Hoy 608-781-6384
Research Ecologist Brian S Ickes 608-781-6298
Physiologist Craig A Jackson 608-781-6336
Research Ecologist Kathi Jo Jankowski 608-781-6242
Biologist Todd Johnson 608-781-6270
Chemist Courtney Johnson 608-781-6297
Geneticist Stacie A Kageyama, PhD 608-781-6191
Scientist Emeritus Kevin P Kenow 608-781-6278
Research Wildlife Biologist Eileen M Kirsch 608-781-6226
Research Fishery Biologist Brent Knights 608-781-6332
IT Specialist Jonathan M Knudson 608-781-6201
Research Ecologist Rebecca M Kreiling, PhD 608-781-6346
Geographer Kyle Landolt 608-781-6148
Research Fisheries Biologist James Larson 608-781-6268
Research Ecologist Danelle Marie Larson, PhD 608-781-6350
Research Fisheries Biologist James Luoma 608-781-6391
Biological Technician John Manier 608-781-6205
Maintenance Tech Taylor J Meives 608-781-6246
Geneticist Chris M Merkes 608-781-6316
Biologist Matthew Meulemans 608-781-6329
Biologist Amanda S Milde 608-781-6229
Biologist Justine E Nelson 608-781-6208
Fishery Biologist Teresa J Newton 608-781-6217
Chemist Joel G Putnam 608-781-6397
Fishery Biologist Steve Redman 608-781-6249
Biologist Patricia R Ries 608-781-6288
Fish Biologist Jose M Rivera 608-781-6343
Fishery Biologist James T Rogala -- --
Biologist Jason Rohweder 608-781-6228
Biologist Mark Roth 608-781-6306
Biologist Janis Ruhser 608-781-6381
Research Ecologist Walt Sadinski 608-781-6337
Supervisory Biologist Jennifer Sauer 608-781-6376
Physiologist Blake Sauey 608-783-6451
IT Specialist Benjamin Schlifer 608-781-6359
Graduate Student/Biologist Nicholas Schloesser 608-781-6223
Biologist Theresa Schreier 608-781-6254
Chemist Justin R Schueller 608-881-6340
Biologist Todd J Severson 608-781-6216
Biologist Justin Smerud 608-781-6327
Biologist Jessica C Stanton 608-781-6222
Geneticist John N Steiner 608-781-6319
Biologist - GIS Lab Manager Jayme Strange 608-781-6290
Biologist Andrew Strassman 608-781-6386
Geneticist Tariq Tajjioui 608-781-6192
Research Ecologist Wayne E Thogmartin, PhD 608-781-6309
IT Specialist Michael Utecht 608-781-6255
Biologist Jon M Vallazza 608-781-6224
Ecologist Molly Van Appledorn, PhD 608-781-6323
Research Fishery Biologist Diane Waller 608-781-6282
Fish Biologist James Wamboldt 608-406-9008
Biologist Michael Wellik 608-781-6225
Supervisory Research Ecologist Mark T Wiltermuth 608-769-2248
Biological Science Technician Jeremy K Wise 608-781-6296
Chemist Xiaoli Yuan 608-781-6302
Administrative Operations Assistant Charlene Marie Zywicki 608-781-6203