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Monarch Butterflies

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Date published: January 12, 2021
Status: Active

TrendPowerTool: A web lookup tool for estimating the statistical power of a monitoring program to detect population trends

A simulation-based power analysis can be used to estimate the sample sizes needed for a successful monitoring program, but requires technical expertise and sometimes extensive computing resources. We developed a web-based lookup app, called TrendPowerTool, to provide guidance for ecological monitoring programs when resources are not...

Date published: May 26, 2020
Status: Active

Monarch Conservation Planning Tools

Monarch Conservation Science Partnership Online Map Viewer

Desktop Monarch Conservation Planning Tools

Jason Rohweder, Wayne E. Thogmartin

U.S. Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center


Date published: May 15, 2017
Status: Active

Monarch Conservation Science Partnership

The Challenge

Over the last two decades, the Eastern migratory population of monarch butterflies has declined by about 80%, leading many scientists to consider how to best conserve and rebuild monarch populations. Conservation efforts can be challenging to design and execute because of the multi-generational migration of monarchs that spans North America....