Montana Crest-Stage Gage Network

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The purpose of the crest-stage gage network is to inventory and monitor peak discharges throughout the state of Montana, with special emphasis on streams that may damage transportation infrastructure. Recorded data documenting peak streamflow at various sites within the state will be used by the Montana Department of Transportation to support assessments of culvert size, bridge construction, and road grade. Additionally, the crest-stage gage network will provide peak flow data that can be used to evaluate protocols for estimating flood frequency. Data for these sites are available from the USGS National Water Information System Web Mapper application in the form of an interactive map. 


Interact with crest-stage gage network sites by clicking the map below.


Montana crest-stage gage network sites map

Click on a site number in the following table to view the analytical results for that site.

                                         Site Number      Site Name                                                            
Beaverhead County         06015430        Clark Canyon near Dillon MT
                                           06015460        Farlin Creek near Polaris MT
                                           06015480        Grasshopper Creek tributary near Dillon MT
                                           06024100        Fox Gulch near Jackson MT
                                           06025100        Quartz Hill Gulch near Wise River MT
Big Horn County              06293300        Long Otter Creek near Lodge Grass MT
                                           06294600        East Cabin Cr Tributary nr Hardin MT
Blaine County                   06153400        Fifteenmile Creek trib near Zurich MT
                                           06154350        Peoples Creek trib near Lloyd MT
                                           06155600        Murphy Coulee Tributary nr Hogeland MT
Broadwater County          06056300        Cabin Creek near Townsend MT
Carbon County                 06210950        Cole Creek near Red Lodge, MT
Carter County                   06334330        Little Missouri River trib nr Albion MT
                                           06334625        Coal Creek tributary near Mill Iron MT
Cascade County               06085510        Crown Butte Creek tributary nr Simms MT
Chouteau County             06109560        Alkali Coulee trib near Virgelle MT
                                           06109600        Chip Creek Trib near Winifred MT
Custer County                  06296100        Snell Creek near Hathaway MT
                                           06296115        Reservation Creek near Miles City MT
                                           06308200        Basin Creek Tributary near Volborg MT
                                           06308330        Deer Creek trib near Volborg MT
                                           06308340        La Grange Creek near Volborg MT
                                           06309080        Deep Creek near Kinsey MT
                                           06325700        Deep Creek near Powderville MT
Daniels County                 06179100         Butte Creek trib near Four Buttes MT
Dawson County                06326950        Yellowstone River Tributary no. 5 nr Marsh MT
                                           06326960        Timber Fork Up Sevenmile C trib nr Lindsay MT
                                           06327450        Cains Coulee at Glendive MT
                                           06327720        Griffith Creek trib near Glendive MT
                                           06328100        Yellowstone River trib no 6 nr Glendive MT
Fallon County                   06326580        Lame Jones Creek trib near Willard MT
Fergus County                  06112800        Bull Creek trib near Hilger MT
                                           06128500        South Fork Bear Cr Tributary nr Roy MT
                                           06130620        Blood Creek trib near Valentine MT
                                           06130630        Crooked Creek Tributary nr Roy MT
Gallatin County                06038550        Cabin Creek near West Yellowstone MT
                                           06043300        Logger Creek near Gallatin Gateway MT
Garfield County                06130610        Bair Coulee near Mosby MT
                                           06130915        Russian Coulee near Jordan MT
Glacier County                 06098700        Powell Coulee near Browning MT
                                           06099010        Cut Bank Creek tributary nr Cut Bank MT
Golden Valley County      06125520        Swimming Woman Cr trib nr Living Springs MT
                                           06125680        Big Coulee Creek trib near Cushman MT
Hill County                        06138700        South Fork Spring Coulee near Havre MT
Jefferson County             06030300        Jefferson River trib no. 2 nr Whitehall MT
                                           06031950        Cataract Creek near Basin MT
Judith Basin County        06090550        Little Otter Creek near Raynesford MT
                                           06114550        Wolf Creek trib near Coffee Creek MT
Lewis & Clark County      06073600        Black Rock Creek near Augusta MT
Liberty County                  06137600        Sage Creek trib no 2 near Joplin MT
McCone County                06131100        Terry Coulee near Van Norman MT
                                           06131200        Nelson Creek near Van Norman MT
                                           06131300        Mcguire Creek trib near Van Norman MT
                                           06177700        Cow Creek Tributary near Vida MT
Meagher County               06053050        Lost Creek near Ringling MT
Musselshell County         06127505        Fishel Creek near Musselshell MT
                                           06127570        Butts Coulee near Melstone MT
                                           06127585        Little Wall Cr trib nr Flatwillow MT
Petroleum County            06129700        Gorman Coulee near Cat Creek MT
Phillips County                 06115300        Duval Creek near Landusky MT
                                           06154510        Kuhr Coulee Tributary near Dodson MT
                                           06156100        Lush Coulee near Whitewater MT
                                           06164600        Beaver Creek trib near Zortman MT
                                           06164623        Little Warm Cr Tributary nr Lodge Pole MT
                                           06165200        Guston Coulee near Malta MT
Pondera County               06097300        Cartwright Coulee nr Dupuyer, MT
                                           06100300        Lone Man Coulee near Valier MT
                                           06101510        Pondera Coulee trib nr Conrad MT
                                           06101520        Favot Coulee trib near Ledger MT
Powder River County      06307700        Cow Cr nr Fort Howes Ranger Stat nr Otter MT
                                           06307720        Brian Creek near Ashland MT
                                           06324995        Badger Creek at Biddle MT
Prairie County                  06326940        Spring Creek trib near Fallon MT
Roosevelt County            06177020        Tule Creek trib near Wolf Point MT
                                           06185400        Missouri River trib no. 5 at Culbertson MT
Rosebud County             06294985        East Fork Armells Cr trib nr Colstrip MT
                                           06295020        Short Creek nr Forsyth MT
Sheridan County              06184200        Lost Creek trib near Homestead MT
Stillwater County             06204170        Meadow Creek nr Dean, MT
Sweet Grass County        06123200        Sadie Cr tributary nr Harlowton  MT
                                           06201700        Hump Creek near Reed Point MT
Teton County                    06106400        Government Coulee Trib nr Dutton MT 
Treasure County              06294930        Sarpy Creek trib near Colstrip MT
Valley County                   06172300        Unger Creek near Vandalia MT
                                           06174300        Milk River trib no 3 near Glasgow MT
                                           06174600        Snow Coulee at Opheim MT
Wheatland County           06124600        East Fk Roberts Cr trib nr Judith Gap MT
Wibaux County                 06327550        South Fork Horse Cr trib nr Wibaux MT
                                           06327790        Krug Creek trib no 2 near Wibaux MT
Yellowstone County         06216200        West Wets Creek nr Billings MT
                                           06217300        Twelvemile Creek near Shepherd MT
                                           06217700        North Fork Crooked Cr trib nr Shepherd MT
                                           06294400        Andresen Coulee near Custer MT