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EDNA is a multi-layered database derived from a version of the National Elevation Dataset (NED), which has been hydrologically conditioned for improved hydrologic flow representation. 

The seamless EDNA database provides 30 meters resolution raster and vector data layers including:

  • Aspect
  • Contours
  • Filled DEM
  • Flow Accumulation
  • Flow Direction
  • Reach Catchment Seedpoints
  • Reach Catchments
  • Shaded Relief
  • Sinks
  • Slope
  • Synthetic Streamlines

Hydrologically conditioned elevation data, systematically and consistently processed to create hydrologic derivatives,can be useful in many topologically based visualization and investigative applications. Drainage areas upstream or downstream from any location can be accurately traced facilitating flood analysis investigations, pollution studies, and hydroelectric power generation projects. 

Additional information about the Elevation Derivatives for National Applications (EDNA) database is available online at: USGS EROS Archive - Digital Elevation - Elevation Derivatives for National Applications (EDNA) Seamless Three-Dimensional Hydrologic Database