Land Change Monitoring, Assessment and Projection

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LCMAP Collection 1.2 products were released in November 2021, including LCMAP products for 1985-2020. Collection 1.2 products are currently available on EarthExplorer, and will soon replace Collection 1.1 products on the LCMAP Web Viewer, CONUS Mosaic websites, and the LCMAP WMS. Previous products may remain available on EarthExplorer; however, users are encouraged to use the most recent release.

LCMAP Data Access

LCMAP Data Access

LCMAP Science Products, Reference Data, and Product Validation Data are available for download from a variety of data download portals. 

Data Access Info

Conterminous United States Data Information

Conterminous United States Data Information

LCMAP offers a suite of 10 Science Products that depict land cover and spectral change in the conterminous United States. Get the latest product information here.

Product Information
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Date published: October 5, 2021

LCMAP Web Map Service

The Land Change Monitoring, Assessment, and Projection (LCMAP) initiative recently released an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant (Version 1.3) Web Map Service (WMS) endpoint for all ten LCMAP science products. The WMS layers are enabled with a Time dimension, meaning that users can access the entire 35+ year archive of LCMAP data. 

Date published: December 31, 2020

LCMAP CONUS Mosaic Download Portal

A web based application used for searching and downloading LCMAP science products at the Conterminous United States (CONUS) scale. 

Date published: June 9, 2020

LCMAP Viewer

The LMCAP Viewer provides a dynamic platform for data visualization of the LCMAP product suite and supports user defined data subsetting and downloads.

Date published: July 3, 2018

EarthExplorer Bulk Download Application

The Bulk Download Application is an easy-to-use tool for downloading large quantities of satellite imagery and geospatial data.

Once scenes are added to a Bulk Order via Earth Explorer, the Bulk Download Application can be used to automatically retrieve them with little to no user interaction.

Date published: May 9, 2018


The EarthExplorer (EE) user interface is an online search, discovery, and ordering tool developed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).  EE supports the searching of satellite, aircraft, and other remote sensing inventories through interactive and textual-based query capabilities.