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LCMAP products produced by the USGS are available for download at no charge from a variety of sources. This page provides information on the different data access portals and download options.

LCMAP Collection 1.2 Science Products

LCMAP Collection 1.2 products were released in Fall 2021 and are available on EarthExplorer, the LCMAP Web Viewer and CONUS Mosaic websites. Additionally, the products can be visualized using the LCMAP WMS. Collection 1.2 includes LCMAP products for 1985-2019. Previous collections will remain available on EarthExplorer; however, users are encouraged to use the most recent release. 

LCMAP Collection 1 Science Products

LCMAP Collection 1.0 products will are available on EarthExplorer; however, users are encouraged to use the most recent release.


EarthExplorer allows users to download LCMAP data based on the seamless tiling scheme used by Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD). The LCMAP Collection 1 Science Products are available for search, preview, and download via EarthExplorer and can be found on the Data Sets tab under the LCMAP category, listed as CCDC V1.

LCMAP Data Location on EarthExplorer
LCMAP Data on EarthExplorer can be found on the Data Sets tab under the LCMAP category, listed as CCDC V1 and CCDC V1.2.

There are two data bundles available for download. The LCMAP CCDC V1 Tile Bundle (containing the raster product data) is distributed as a .tar file and the LCMAP CCDC V1 Tile Bundles XML Metadata bundle is distributed as an .xml file.

LCMAP CCDC  V1 Bundle Options for Download through EarthExplorer
The two bundle options available for download in EarthExplorer.

LCMAP Bulk Orders and Downloads

The Bulk Download Application is a tool for downloading large quantities of LCMAP product bundles. Once scenes are added to a Bulk Order via EarthExplorer, the Bulk Download Application can be used to automatically retrieve them with little to no user interaction. The application will automatically iterate through the bundle list and download each until all have been processed.

Download LCMAP Data on EE using the Bulk Download Application
On the EarthExplorer Results tab, scenes can be added to a bulk order by selecting the gold folder on specific scenes or by checking the Add All Results From Current Page to Bulk Download.

LCMAP Viewer

The LCMAP Viewer is a web-based data visualization tool that enables users to view and download LCMAP data products, metadata, and animated graphics for a given area. 

Download Tool

The download tool allows users to draw a bounding box on the viewer for an area of interest to download data products, metadata, and animated graphics. For areas larger than 350,000 square km, users will be directed to download the datasets from EarthExplorer in ARD tile format.

Select the download tool and click once to draw a bounding box for the desired area.
Select the download tool and click once to draw a bounding box for the desired area. Select the desired products and product years in the data download panel. 

Once the download button is selected, a window will appear to confirm the order has been submitted and will be processed within 24 hours. Once the order is complete, an email will be sent with 2 links:

  • Link to the download ZIP file, available for the next 24 hours
  • Link to open the bounding box of the download job in the LCMAP Viewer

Applying LCMAP Color Ramps

The five land surface change products available for download through EarthExplorer (SCTIME, SCMAG, SCLAST, SCSTAB, and SCMQA) and the SCMAG product available through the LCMAP Viewer do not have color ramps applied to them. For the EarthExplorer distributed products, ESRI *.lyr files (compatible with ArcGIS) with the default LCMAP color ramps are provided here. For the LCMAP Viewer products, the appropriate .lyr file is included in the zip file with a README file that details how to apply the color ramps.


CONUS Mosaic Download Site

The 10 annual science products are available to download as mosaics of the conterminous United States (CONUS) from 1985-2020. The CONUS level science products are available here:


LCMAP Reference Data

The LCMAP Reference Data product is available for download through ScienceBase.

LCMAP Reference Data Download Options
Three files available for download from ScienceBase

LCMAP Validation Data

LCMAP product validation data are available to download through ScienceBase

LCMAP Validation Download options through ScienceBase
Three files available for download from ScienceBase.

LCMAP Web Map Service

The 10 LCMAP science products are available to visualize using the LCMAP Web Map Service (WMS) endpoint. Visit the LCMAP WMS landing page to learn how to access the WMS layers. Users can also view the LCMAP WMS directly in a web browser using the LCMAP Web Viewer