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Conterminous United States Data

LCMAP Collections ensure that all LCMAP science products are consistently processed and retain traceability of data quality provenance. Check out the links below to learn more about the differences between available LCMAP CONUS science product collections.

Visit the Collection 1.0 LCMAP Product Information Page to learn more about the initial LCMAP product release.

A new LCMAP Collection occurs when there are changes or refinements to the algorithms, or when the input data is updated.  

A major Collection release is generally tied to a fundamental change in the base input data for change detection. For example, LCMAP CCDC 1.x data sets are tied to Landsat Collection 1 Analysis Ready Data (ARD).  

Minor dot releases (e.g., LCMAP CCDC 1.3) generally represent algorithm refinements or additional annual products years due to more recent base input data. For example, one additional year of Landsat Collection 1 ARD data were used in LCMAP Collection 1.3, shifting the provisional year from 2020 (in 1.2) to 2021 (in 1.3). 

Follow this link to learn more about the differences between collections.


Table showing the LCMAP Collection number, the associated Landsat ARD source, the product range, and the release date of the Collection.
LCMAP Collection Landsat ARD Source Product Date Range Release Date
CONUS 1.0 Collection 1 Landsat ARD 1985-2017 June 2020
CONUS 1.1 Collection 1 Landsat ARD 1985-2019 April 2021
CONUS 1.2 Collection 1 Landsat ARD 1985-2020 November 2021
CONUS 1.3 Collection 1 Landsat ARD 1985-2021 August 2022