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Year Published: 2020

Core handling, transportation and processing for the South Pole ice core (SPICEcore) project

An intermediate-depth (1751 m) ice core was drilled at the South Pole between 2014 and 2016 using the newly designed US Intermediate Depth Drill. The South Pole ice core is the highest-resolution interior East Antarctic ice core record that extends into the glacial period. The methods used at the South Pole to handle and log the drilled ice, the...

Souney, Joseph M.; Twickler, Mark S .; Aydin, Murat; Steig, Eric J.; Fudge, T.J.; Street, Leah V.; Nicewonger, Melinda R.; Kahle, Emma C.; Johnson, Jay A.; Kuhl, Tanner W.; Casey, Kimberly Ann; Fegyveresi, John M.; Nunn, Richard; Hargreaves, Geoffrey Mill

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Year Published: 2009

Core Research Center

The Core Research Center (CRC) of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), located at the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, Colo., currently houses rock core from more than 8,500 boreholes representing about 1.7 million feet of rock core from 35 States and cuttings from 54,000 boreholes representing 238 million feet of drilling in 28 States. Although...

Hicks, Joshua; Adrian, Betty
Core Research Center; 2009; GIP; 94; Hicks, Joshua; Adrian, Betty

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Year Published: 2007

A condensed middle Cenomanian succession in the Dakota Sandstone (Upper Cretaceous), Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, Socorro County, New Mexico

The upper part of the Dakota Sandstone exposed on the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, northern Socorro County, New Mexico, is a condensed, Upper Cretaceous, marine succession spanning the first five middle Cenomanian ammonite zones of the U.S. Western Interior. Farther north in New Mexico these five ammonite zones occur over a stratigraphic...

Hook, Stephen C.; Cobban, William A.