Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science (CEGIS)

Geospatial Semantics and Ontology

The National Map as Knowledge Base

The goal of the project "The Map as Knowledge Base" is to specify feature semantics for richer topographic and geospatial data models. New data models and associated knowledge organization systems for The National Map can translate traditional topographic information into a flexible spatiotemporal knowledge base that can serve many different application areas, improve topographic information delivery, and expand the user base of the USGS. The USGS Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science (CEGIS) conducts research on topographic information, semantics, ontology, and linked data modeling for topographic information.


MapKB UI Concept

More information is available under the headings "Linked Geospatial Data" and "Knowledge Bases."

A collection of publications and reports are available for specific information about geospatial semantics and ontology.

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Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science
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