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Recognition Program

Welcome to The National Map Corps' recognition and reward system. The purpose of the recognition program is to acknowledge the efforts of our volunteers and to distinguish the individuals who contribute to make The National Map Corps a success. 

The recognition badges are a series of surveying instruments which increase in complexity/sophistication as the volunteer collects more points. The range of instruments starts with a simple surveyor’s chain and progresses up to biplane aerial photography.

TNMCorps Recognition Badges
Virtual badges available to volunteers. Each badge is related to historic mapping equipment and techniques. The more points submitted, the higher award level.

When a volunteer becomes involved with The National Map Corps we are able to keep track of the number of points collected and edited by each individual. When you reach 25 points you become a member of the Order of the Surveyor's Chain, the first level in the rewards system. Once you reach 25 points we also hope you'll consider participating in the peer review of other volunteers' points. If you would like to participate in peer review, email us and we will grant you the peer review role in the editor. Peer Reviewers help ensure the data in The National Map is high quality by doing an additional check of edited points and fixing things like formatting and removing abbreviations.

 As you collect more points you will move up the levels and earn badges. Click here to view weekly lists of new members.


Current Members

Click each badge to see the current members of each recognition category. The categories were last updated September 28th, 2023.