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Biological variables and liver and testes transcript abundance from smallmouth bass sampled in the Lake Erie drainage, Pennsylvania (2016)

November 19, 2021

In 2016, smallmouth bass were collected from three sites in the Lake Erie drainage in Erie County, Pennsylvania and an out-of-basin site in the Allegheny River drainage in order to assess reproductive health and identify endocrine disruption responses. Pieces of liver and gonad were taken in Z-Fix and RNALater for histology and transcript abundance analysis. A landscape analysis was conducted for the immediate and upstream catchments with 2016 land cover data. Correlations between biological variables and transcripts were made in addition to differences between sites. The results showed that males had biological variables that correlated with transcripts associated with endocrine disruption and a high rate of testicular oocytes and plasma vitellogenin (biomarkers of estrogenic contaminant exposure).

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