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Observations of coral reef oceanographic and groundwater properties off Makua, Kauai, HI, USA, August 2016

September 3, 2019

Pervasive and sustained coral diseases contribute to the systemic degradation of reef ecosystems, however, an understanding of the physicochemical controls on a coral disease event is still largely lacking. Water circulation and residence times and submarine groundwater discharge all determine the degree to which reef organisms are exposed to the variable chemistry of overlying waters; understanding these physical controls is necessary to interpret spatial patterns in coral health. The recent discovery of coral Black Band Disease at M?kua Reef on Kaua?i, Hawai?i prompted an investigation into the physicochemical drivers and geomorphic controls of reef water circulation, and the temporally variable nutrient fluxes derived from submarine groundwater discharge. This data release includes measurements of circulation and waves, profiles of seawater properties, and profiles of resistivity on the shoreline, which can be used to assess the potential for terrestrial groundwater intrusion on the reef and the sources and fate of these water masses.