Can we use the heat from Yellowstone for energy?

Geothermal energy (heat energy from the Earth's interior), is used to generate electricity in a variety of places throughout the world. Although Yellowstone and its surroundings are a significant geothermal resource, the Park itself is off limits to development. Because geothermal developments often cause a decrease in flow of nearby hot springs and other geothermal features, it is questionable whether anyone could get permission to develop geothermal energy in the region outside the park.

There are other natural heat sources in the United States that are being used for geothermal energy. In California, about 4-5 GW of electricity is generated at power plants at The Geysers, Salton Sea, Coso, Casa Diablo, and other geothermal systems. This is enough to provide energy for several million people. There are also geothermal power plants in Nevada, Utah, and Hawaii