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Is there a cost for aerial photograph products?

Download medium-resolution scans (400 dpi) of aerial photography products at no charge using EarthExplorer.

We are working on high-resolution scans (25 micron or 1,000 dpi) that can also be downloaded at no charge. With over 8.4 million frames of imagery in our archive, scanning will take many years to complete, but about 80% of high-resolution scans are currently available.

If you can't find a high-resolution scan of the image that you need or if you need a higher-resolution scan, on-demand scanning is available at \$30.00 per frame/scene plus an order fee of \$5.00. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks; no priority service is offered.

All requests must be made online through EarthExplorer. Select the shopping cart to order the image. Change the micron size to 25 micron (1,000 dpi); 14 micron (1,800 dpi); or 7 micron (3,600 dpi). The charge is the same for all high-resolution micron sizes. The 7 micron scans are for black & white imagery only.

For assistance, contact Customer Service at or call 800-252-4547 or 605-594-6151. They're open Monday-Friday, 8a-4p Central time.

If you have any payment, billing, or account questions, please contact:

U.S Geological Survey, Receivables Management Section
Mail Stop 271
12201 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, Va 20192
Phone: (703) 648-7683

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