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Personnel Suitability Guidance Position Sensitivity and Public Trust Risk Level Determinations


All Federal positions must be assigned a position sensitivity or public trust risk level that determine the type of security clearance or background investigation an individual must undergo to be placed in the position. When making a position sensitivity determination, a position’s duties and responsibilities are assessed against the requirement for access to national security data or information, the level of public trust vested in a position, and the position’s Computer/ADP risk level.

Positions designated as public trust positions generally involve the following duties or responsibilities:

  • Policy making;
  • Major program responsibility;
  • Public safety and health;
  • Law enforcement duties;
  • Fiduciary (monetary) responsibilities; and
  • Other activities demanding a significant degree of public trust such as access to, operation or control of proprietary systems of information-such as financial or personal records-with a significant risk for causing damage to people, programs or an agency, or for realizing personal gain.

Computer/ADP risk levels are based on the degree of involvement with USGS Information Technology (IT) systems as well as the criticality of the IT system to our mission.


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